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Perkie’s Observations: Spencer Tries in Vain to Save Trina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 29, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today’s General Hospital recap: 

Portia gets to the courthouse and is surprised when Diane calls Spencer to the stand. Diane has Spencer testify that Trina didn't distribute the video because she was with him when it was released.

Spencer testifies that it was the anniversary of his mother's death and he arranged for someone to be bribed in order to leave the prison. He says he saw Trina at the cemetery, and he's speaking up now because he felt he needed to do the right thing, even if it put him in jeopardy. Diane has Spencer testify that no one else was at the cabin other than the five teens and Esme was the one who taped Cameron and Josslyn. 

DA Arden has Spencer testify that he has no idea where Trina was when the sex was being videotaped. Arden asks Spencer whether he knows about time release emails and tests it out by having an email sent to both Diane and the judge in a pre-timed email. Spencer is upset that he couldn't save Trina after all.

Brando questions why Michael and Dex are in the stairwell so Michael pretends to angrily tell Dex to back off, and he shouldn't be Sonny's errand boy. Brando breaks it up so Dex leaves. Michael claims not to know what Dex wants with him.

Brando finds Sasha, who has decided not to go to her therapy session after all. She tells Brando that she and Willow talked things out and she feels better. Brando wants her to stick to their schedule, but Sasha accuses him of smothering her. Brando says she needs to deal with why she turned to pills, but Sasha accuses him of controlling her. Sasha storms off then gets a text from Sienna to come blow off some steam with her. 

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TJ wants another blood sample from Willow to make sure the first one wasn't an anomaly. Willow wonders what TJ is worried about specifically. Michael joins them before TJ can answer. Michael gets a call and heads out, while TJ returns and wonders why Willow hasn't told Michael there might be an issue.

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Brick reminds Sonny he needs to find someone to replace Jason. Sonny thinks he's found the right person with Dex. Dex shows up and is introduced to Brick, then updates Sonny on Felty's condition. Dex mentions Dante showing up and Sonny's upset that he spoke to the cops. Dex promises he didn't speak to Dante and will keep his mouth shut. 

After Dex leaves, Brick's not sure he's the right fit for the job. Brick says he's going to do a complete background check on Dex. 

Dex and Michael meet again regarding Brando. Michael feels Brando was suspicious of their run-in, but thinks he convinced him they were enemies. Dex mentions meeting Brick and is worried he'll dig into his past.

Ava informs Esme she knows about the tryst with Nikolas. Esme counters that Ava slept with both Morgan and Sonny. She says she's leaving town, but Ava feels she needs to pay for her crimes first. 

Ava says she knows Esme was the only one responsible for her car fire and the revenge sex tape. Ava accuses Esme of seducing Nikolas, but Esme says Ava made him feel less than a man. Esme says Ava drove Nikolas away and he came running to her. 

Ava questions why Esme has made it so personal against her. Ava says Esme jumped at the chance to help Spencer torture her and doesn't know why. Ava spots the envelope and makes a grab for it, but Esme gets it back. Ava says Esme is going to go down to the courthouse to exonerate Trina. Esme continues to deny and isn't interested in being a fugitive. Ava warns Esme that if she doesn't exonerate Trina, she'll make sure no one will be able to find Esme alive. 

(Gotta say I was a little disappointed in all the chit chat. I was hoping for more scorched Earth on Ava's part. I wonder if we're still behind by a day or so because of the preemptions and the knock down drag out fight will be Monday instead.)

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