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Perkie's Observations: Ava's Fight With Esme Leads to a Fall on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 1, 2022
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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

On today’s General Hospital recap: Trina swears to her parents that she would have mentioned her alibi had she needed to. Diane says Spencer's testimony puts reasonable doubt in the jurors minds. Portia complains to Taggert that Trina chose to protect Spencer over her own freedom.

Diane tells Trina she's calling her to the stand and praises her for being such a strong woman. Trina testifies that she ran into Spencer at the cemetery, but didn't say anything because there was no proof she didn't send the video. Diane surmises that Trina said nothing as an act of love. Diane has Trina testify that she doesn't have feelings for Cameron because she has feelings for Spencer.

Ava reminds Esme that she's killed for far less, and it's either confess or else. Ava says she won't allow Trina to go to prison. Esme says Trina is filling the void that Kiki left, and says Ava drove Kiki to her death. Ava smacks the taste out of young Esme's mouth. Ava grabs the envelope and wonders why Esme is so desperate for it. The two have a knock down drag out fight over the envelope.

Nikolas thinks Spencer just gave away his freedom, but Spencer says he had to do the right thing. Spencer admits he's known for awhile that Esme was the guilty party. Nikolas says Spencer should have told him about Esme. Nikolas wants to tell Spencer about his tryst with Esme, but Spencer wants to get back into the courtroom. Nikolas  gets a call from Wyndemere.

Sam overhears Michael's angry end of a phone conversation. Sam figures Michael's upset about Aurora. He agrees that he feels he let Sam down with a messed up merger. Michael tells Sam about the pregnancy.

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TJ says he's still waiting for lab results and wonders why Willow hasn't told Michael that something could be wrong. Willow says Michael has a lot on his plate, but TJ reminds her she's had her share of stress as well. Willow says there's no reason to worry yet and promises she can handle things.

TJ gets the test results and consults with Dr. Singh, the oncologist who agrees with TJ's diagnosis. Willow spots them talking and pushes TJ, who says he thinks she has leukemia.

Liz is happy to be back at work and feels she's recovered, though Finn thinks she may need to work on things longer. Liz says she's ready to come back to work and the worst is behind her. Finn, accidentally lets it slip that he loves her, which flusters her. Liz runs an errand, but returns, kisses Finn, and tells him she loves him. Liz heads to the lab for Willow's results, and in the staircase we have a flashback of her finding Peter at the bottom of the stairs. Liz appears to be in a trance.

Felicia overhears two women at the pool ogling Mac and stakes her claim on him. Felicia asks about Mac wanting to hand the reins to Dante and wonders what comes next. Mac swears he's not handing his badge in anytime soon, but just giving Dante an idea. Felicia mentions how she's been helping Sam lately and it's given her purpose. Mac thinks she should continue to help Sam with the legwork on a case about birth parents.

Esme runs out onto the parapet to throw the envelope over the edge while Ava continues to try to get it from her. Nikolas gets there as Ava pushes Esme, who accidentally goes over the edge. 

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