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Perkie’s Observations: Trina’s Fate Lies With The Jury on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 2, 2022
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Tabyana Ali

On today’s General Hospital recap: 

Neither Ava nor Nikolas can see Esme down below, and Ava thinks she needs to call 911. Nikolas stops her and tells her to go to her room while he cleans up the mess. Nikolas finds Ava in her room, and says he went out to look for Esme and only found her shoe. He questions what really happened between them and Ava goes over the events.

Ava's worried that dead or alive, she'll be implicated since the staff heard them fighting, and her DNA is probably all over Esme. Nik thinks if Esme's in the water, any evidence would have washed off. He says he'll get rid of Esme's things and tell everyone that she left in a hurry, so no one will know what happened. Nik promises nothing will happen to Ava, that he will protect her.

Curtis grabs Oz's chart from the nurse's desk and snaps a photo of it as Jordan walks up. Jordan says she has no proof that Oz and Esme knew each other and that they need to find evidence that Esme was at the apartment with Oz. Jordan updates Curtis about her conversation with Britt, that Spencer approached her about the drug that was subsequently found in Oz's system.

After much back and forth, the two figure out that Esme must have spiked Trina's drink the night at the cabin. Jordan promises she'll get what she can out of Esme. Later, Curtis asks TJ if it's possible to get Oz out of the coma to ask him about Esme. 

Elizabeth sits on the stairs, hearing a young voice call out "daddy", until Finn finds her there. Liz comes out of her trance and doesn't know what happened. Finn takes Liz to his office where she claims she just lost her balance in the stairwell. Finn wants her to see the neurologist to check her out, which Liz is not happy with. Finn wants her to do it for her kids and Liz is upset that he would think she can't take care of them. Liz claims she's not broken and storms off.

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Terry and Britt have a consultation with Willow about the possibility that she has leukemia. Willow wants to know what it means for the baby. Terry says she wants to do a bone marrow biopsy as soon as possible. Willow wants the procedure done now so Terry agrees. Terry does the procedure and takes the biopsy to the lab. Britt calls Willow brave and thinks she should tell someone. Willow doesn't want to say anything until she has to.

Michael heads back to the hospital but can't find Willow. TJ tells him that she's still around somewhere. Willow finds Michael and claims Britt wanted another test but that everything is fine.

Trina testifies that she was attracted to Spencer when they met but that Spencer has a girlfriend and that she and Esme were not friends. Trina testifies that she would never do what she was accused of, that she would never hurt her friends that way.

DA Arden asks where Trina was when Joss and Cam were in their room. Trina says she was sick from the drink and went to her own room. Trina says she was set up by Esme but has to admit she doesn't have proof. DA Arden surmises that Trina was the only one who could have taped Joss and Cam.

Diane has Trina testify that Esme and Joss were constantly at each other's throats and that Esme said Joss would pay. Diane and DA Arden have their closing arguments. Diane promises Portia and Taggert that she created reasonable doubt for the jury and gave them another possible suspect. Trina apologizes to Spencer and wonders when he figured out that Esme was lying.

Jordan shows up to arrest Spencer and return him to Spring Ridge.

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