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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy and Finn Reunite…With So Many Questions Left to Answer

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap For August 2, 2022
Steffy Forrester, Dr. John Finnegan, The Bold and Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Tanner Novlan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Parental Ridiculousness: Taylor and Ridge are in their hotel room discussing how amazing everything will be when this nightmare is over. Ridge can’t imagine what Steffy will do when she sees Finn. (You mean like FREAK OUT and have a complete anxiety attack?)

What The Hell Happened? Finn and Steffy are reunited! They kiss and she cries. Suddenly, they arrive at the hotel room and ask Ridge and Taylor where the kids are (#whiplash). Taylor texts Amelia to bring the kids home. Taylor decides to snap a picture and post it on social media. They exit, and leave Steffy and Finn to discuss what happened.

Finn explains that somehow Li overlooked all the doctors’ declarations of death, somehow sneaked him out, and began to nurse him back to health. She never gave up until Sheila showed up. Steffy doesn’t care and is just thrilled he’s back from the Grim Reaper’s grasp.

For The Love…: Deacon is FREAKING OUT about the cops knocking on his door whilst Sheila is in his closet. Sheila goes into the other room/closet as Deacon pretends he was in the shower, and answers the door. He denies to Chief Baker that he’s heard anything form Sheila, and they leave.

Sheila reemerges and thanks him for saving her. He’s none too sure his efforts were directed correctly. Deacon reminds Sheila that she used him before just like she is now. Sheila says that she just needs to rest before she moves along. Sheila doesn’t understand how Deacon could leave her all by herself. He doesn’t care. He’s done. After he leaves, Sheila locks the door and considers her next move.

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Stateside Forrester Reaction: Zende, Hope, and Brooke are back at the Forrester mothership, still amazed at Finn’s resurrection. Zende wonders what in the world is going on. Brooke explains that being with Steffy and the kids will be the best thing for Finn. (Anyone worried about Steffy and the kids?) Brooke is also thrilled that Sheila can’t harm their families anymore.

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-Brooke reaches Ridge and they rejoice that Finn is alive. Ridge catches her up on the reunions. He also informs her that Sheila escaped. He wants her to be careful until he returns. Brooke (dressed in a very odd superhero cape) continues to suss out the situation with Hope. They’re all in shock!

-Taylor says this amazing news keeps hitting her in waves. Hooray! Just as they are celebrating, there’s a knock on the door.

-Steffy is rubbing all over Finn and wonders if he’s okay. He explains that he’s almost okay thanks to Li. He doesn’t want to discuss Sheila. Steffy suddenly starts to understand why Li was so evasive. Finn can’t explain, but really wants her to forget all that and just be happy that he’s alive. (Steffy should be FURIOUS! - also, where is Jack?) Finn avoids all her questions and tells her that she saved his life. Also, he will never be apart from her again. Just then, a knock on the door reveals Taylor with the kids. Everything goes to slow motion as they all reunite.

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