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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sarah Remembers Meeting With Rex The Night of Abigail's Murder

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 2, 2022
Sarah Horton, Days of Our Lives

Linsey Godfrey

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Salem Inn: Xander is concerned that Sarah's gone from the room. He opens the door and finds Gwen. She wonders how he's doing and if he thinks Sarah will be targeted for Abigail's murder now that Lucas is off the hook. Gwen tries to comfort Xander, but he rejects it. He pushes Gwen toward the door. 

Doc's office: Marlena is putting Sarah under hypnosis and takes her back to the day Abigail died. Sarah remembers looking for Kayla at the hospital. She tells Marlena about the hallucination with Kristen, but it was Victor. Marlena asks if Sarah went to see Abigail, but she remembers confronting Gwen at Statesville and why.

Sarah returned to Xander's room, but he was in New York. She took a sleeping pill and went to bed, but suddenly woke up. Sarah grabbed her raincoat and went to find Abigail. Before she left, there was a knock on the was Rex and he had to see her. He wanted to believe Sarah wanted him back because he still loves her. Sarah tells Rex she's with Xander. Before Rex leaves, Sarah gets woozy and he puts her back to bed. Marlena brings Sarah out and she remembers what she remembered.

Marlena calls Rex about his visit. Rex admits he was there and it wasn't a hallucination. Rex explains he stayed with Sarah until after 10 to make sure she was safe and asleep, which gives Sarah an alibi.

Dr. Rolf's Lab: Kristen and Rolf hover over Jake's body talking about their plans. Kristen patiently waits for Jake to awaken, but Rolf admits he's not sure if it will work because Jake was dead for a long time. Kristen insists he keep trying, despite the higher potency of his untested serum. Rolf injects the serum into Jake's IV. Rolf tests Jake and determines there's no brain activity. Suddenly, Rolf tells Kristen she may still get her wish.

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Jake's: Ava's awakened by a dream that Jake's alive. Gabi busts in and tells Ava they have to get prepared to back up their story about Ava and Jake's marriage. Ava's upset that Gabi's acting as if Jake's life didn't matter. Gabi came prepared with a marriage license and encourages Ava to go forward with her plan. Ava wants more protection than Gabi has in her arsenal. Gabi agrees to Ava's terms, so Ava signs the license.

DiMera mansion: EJ and Tony are hashing out if Ava's marriage to Jake was real. EJ mentions seeing Gabi at the hospital and is suspicious. Tony thinks EJ should visit Vivian in Statesville. He contends she won't be happy about losing another son, but EJ doesn't understand the connection. (Would she be his next of kin?)

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-Sarah returns to the inn. She explains to Xander what happened with Rex, and how she was there when Abigail was murdered.

-Gwen checks into a less than stellar hotel and pulls a mask out of her suitcase.

-EJ stops by Ava's. He tells her to give up her scheme because there is no paperwork at city hall. Ava tells him to try again, so EJ makes a call. 

-Rolf tells Kristen he can't bring Jake back. He pulls back another curtain and reveals a breathing Stefan DiMera!

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