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The Young and the Restless Recap: Chance Grows More Suspicious About Ashland's Death

The Young and the Restless Recap for August 2, 2022
Chance Chancellor, The Young and the Restless

Conner Floyd

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Crimson Lights: Kevin meets with Chance to talk about Ashland's death. Chance says he's looking into foul play and tells Kevin everything he knows so far. Chance wants Kevin to schmooze the medical examiner to get some inside intel.

Society: Adam wants to approach Victor, but hides when he sees Noah approach Victor's table first. Noah proposes a project of using Top of the Tower to create an immersive experience space that can be used for any type of event or venue. Victor's impressed, but explains it's a working restaurant. He praises Noah's journey, but turns him down. 

Adam takes Noah's place and the duo talk about Ashland's death. Adam implies it should feel like a victory, but he lets Victor know Chance chatted with him. Victor denies he didn't do anything, but Adam wonders about the coincidence in timing. Victor leans in and tells Adam, "You're beginning to piss me off. And that's never a good idea." Victor reminds Adam that Newmans may fight, but pull together when it's necessary. He warns his son that it will do him well to remember he's a Newman.

Newman Enterprises: Nick flashes back to the night he hit Ashland and how Victor just turned up at Victoria's. Sally interrupts and says she decided to stay on at Newman Media. Nick apologizes for being so hard on her. Sally's surprised when she gets a notification that Ashland's dead. Nick says he's aware and explains that Victoria is out of town on a trip she planned a long time ago.

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Nick wants Sally to keep a lid on the speculative news, but Sally knows this could be an explosive story. Nick explains he had a confrontation with Ashland and asks her to keep it off the record. Nick fills her in on what happened. Chance texts Nick to meet, but Nick blows it off. Sally agrees to keep the story down to the facts, but her head is brimming with details.

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Poolside bar: Allie's supportive of Noah's rejection, but offers alternatives that lead back to The Grand Phoenix. Noah's hesitant because he's wary of working with Phyllis, but Allie tells him to give it some thought. Talk turns to the breaking news of Ashland's death. Noah realizes Victor didn't mention this monumental piece of information, and paints a negative picture of his grandfather.

Back to Crimson Lights: Nick meets with Chance who explains he's curious about how well the security team parroted Victor's version of events down to the letter. Nick wonders what the problem is and what Chance wants from him. Nick gets defensive and explains what Ashland did to his family. He tells Chance to follow up with Victor.

Kevin comes in and informs Chance he has the autopsy report. Ashland died of blunt force trauma to the head when he hit the windshield. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Kevin says the ME conceded the injury could have happened before, but couldn't prove it enough to change the report. The two run through the scenario with Nick again. Chance wonders how Ashland ended up in a ravine if Nick delivered a punch that led to Ashland's death.

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