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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jan Spears Foils Evan’s Plans to Leave Salem With Shawn Christian

Days of Our Lives Recap For August 3, 2022
Days of Our Lives

Heather Lindell

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Shawn C. vs. Maddox F.: Belle arrives as Shawn Douglas has put Shawn Christian down for a nap. He informs her they did the paternity test that morning and (very quickly) determined Evan is the father.

Belle explains that Evan is the bio dad which limits Shawn D’s options. He ignores the law and says he loves that baby SO much! Also, Evan is a “psychopath” and what judge would give him custody? Belle (again, very patiently) explains Evan was pardoned and has every legal claim to Shawn C. There is nothing she can do.

Evan informs Orpheus the results are in and he IS the father of Shawn! Orpheus gets excited and talks about getting a crib to set them up with a place to live. Evan quickly explains he is leaving Salem with the kid. He has spoken to his sister Zoe about his other child, David. He wants his sons to know each other. Evan got a job on a houseboat (teehee) to earn some extra cash. Evan tells Orpheus he’s welcome to join them. He agrees to think about it, but still has unfinished business in Salem. Evan informs Orpheus he’s changing his son’s name to Maddox Friers. With that, Evan gets a call and is on his way to claim his son.

Evan arrives to claim Shawn C (AKA Maddox Friers). Shawn D. wonders about the name change. Evan rightfully explains he would never allow his son to have “Shawn” as his government name. Belle ignores the foolishness and wants to see the court order, which Evan produces. He explains he’s taking his baby and heading to New Zealand.

Shawn D. picks up Maddox and says goodbye before Evan takes him away. Belle tries to be supportive by saying she wishes she could have stopped what just happened. Shawn D. snaps at her and reminds her that Shawn C. (AKA Maddox Friers) being gone is EXACTLY what she wanted.

Manipulation Can Be Sexy: Gabi is on the phone with her plant at the courthouse asking why the paperwork about Ava’s marriage hasn’t been filed. She reminds Brenda she is paid well to do her bidding.

Just then, Li arrives and quickly clocks Gabi as lying. Li knows about Ava’s convenient wedding to Jake and understands it benefits Gabi. He also knows about EJ’s attempt to oust her from DiMera - which he connects to Gabi’s request to approve a six-figure position for Ava. (I LOVE a smart Li!)

Li is convinced that Gabi helped Ava doctor the paperwork to make it look like Ava and Jake got married. He wonders if Ava manipulated her. Gabi quickly tells him everything was her idea… and Li smiles at her (I LOVE HIM!). She explains what happened the previous day with Kate, learning of Jake’s death, and encountering Ava at the hospital - with her engagement ring. They came to a mutual understanding. Li smiles at her and congratulates Gabi on a manipulation well played. He just doesn’t understand why she kept him out of the loop. 

Enemies Make Interesting Bedfellows: EJ confronts Ava about her very convenient wedding. She explains they just submitted everything the morning before which is why nothing is showing up. EJ quickly calls the courthouse to determine if the paperwork exists. While he waits, EJ accuses Ava of using Jake’s death to her advantage. Ava thinks he’s doing the same. EJ’s contact returns to the phone and confirms the existence of Ava’s marriage certificate. She immediately tells him to leave.

EJ quickly apologizes for accusing her. He then welcomes her to the DiMera family. They shift to a bonding discussion about being children of powerful fathers. Ava asks if EJ can speed up the transfer of the DiMera shares into her name. He suggests she move into the mansion with him. Stefano would be appalled that any DiMera was living above a garage.

Ava doesn’t get it because EJ never gave Jake respect. He says he wants to make amends by treating her in the way he never treated Jake. (So, sis, wanna move in? They’ve always had chemistry. I’m on board). Ava is reluctant to take EJ up on his offer. He explains that Chad left because his memories of Abigail were too much to bear. Maybe a change of scenery would be a good move for Ava, as well.

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Dr. Rolf Explains it All: Dr. Rolf tells Kristen to be patient because they have both an heir and a spare - revealing Stefan O. DiMera. He reviews Stefan’s death and how he told Gabi he was unable to revive Stefan. Dr. Rolf found a solution, but not before Gabi donated his heart to Julie. (As ridiculous as this is, I appreciate the writers adhering to what actually happened and avoiding a retcon.) Kristen is confused. (Aren’t we all?)

Stefan has been alive - without a heart - for four years? Dr. Rolf contends it depends on your definition of alive. Kristen says Lani will be so relieved she didn’t actually kill Stefan and can’t wait to tell her. (Again, I appreciate the strict adherence to what actually happened.)

Dr. Rolf explains how he kept Stefan on life support while he looked for a compatible heart. Kristen asks a pertinent question, (which I was also wondering), how did Dr. Rolf keep Stefan alive during his unfortunate incarceration? He explains that his machines can run on their own (I wonder if Dr. Rolf has a helper…). Dr. Rolf then goes on to explain that an IDENTICAL TWIN is the perfect solution to his “Stefan has no heart” issue. 

Silly, Silly Evan: Evan arrives at the docks with Maddox, ready to hit the water. Just then, Jan Spears arrives to FOIL HIS PLANS! Evan thought Jan was dead, but she sets him straight saying she is “too mean to die.”

Jan explains how her hatred for Belle allowed her the strength to pull herself to shore. Jan says she’s been hiding out on a yacht since Belle oar-slapped her into the water. Evan is pissed because Jan was keeping his baby from him. She explains it was nothing personal and wants to hold Maddox. Evan is none too keen on that idea, but stupidly allows her to manipulate him, as she takes the baby into her arms. 

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-Jan Spears refers to the baby as Shawn Christian. Evan's not on board with the name and wants the baby back. Jan kicks him into the water, smiles, and attends to SHAWN CHRISTIAN. She explains how she took self-defense classes in prison, and one kick to the solar-plexus brings instant unconsciousness. She tells Shawn they are going on a little trip, but SALEM HASN’T SEEN THE LAST OF JAN SPEARS!

-Li is intoxicated by Gabi’s ability to manipulate events to her benefit. She shows him a secret button that shuts the door to the office and locks it (which is creepy in a morning show host kind of way), and they get nekkid and celebrate.

-EJ comforts Ava about her loss, but thinks they should leave and head home to the mansion. EJ says he’ll get Harold on top of packing her things. Ava thanks EJ and embraces him. They both clearly understand each is playing the other.

-Shawn D. is PISSED and thinks Belle got what she wanted. He apologizes as his anger is more about Evan and Jan Spears than Belle. He knows he’s being silly because Jan is dead. Belle all but begs him not to underestimate Jan Spears.

-Ava explains to Gabi that EJ almost busted her. However, he’s convinced they were married so much that she’s been invited to move into the DiMera mansion. Gabi wonders what happened when she turned him down. Ava assures her that she didn’t. She’s moving in!

-EJ returns to the DiMera mansion and is playing chess with updated pieces whilst engaging Stefano’s portrait about the decision to ask Ava to move in. He’s following Stefano’s sage advice: Keep your family close and pretenders closer.

-Kristen asks Dr. Rolf if he thinks this merging of Jake and Stefano will actually work. Dr. Rolf says with any luck, Stefan O. DiMera will RISE AGAIN! 

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