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Perkie’s Observations: Nikolas and Ava Scramble to Cover Up Esme’s Disappearance on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 3, 2022
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today’s General Hospital recap: 

Jordan tells Spencer he's likely going back to prison and demands answers. Spencer explains about running into Trina at the cemetery, and he came forward and testified for her.

Nikolas says he's been laying the groundwork with the staff that Esme left on her own. Nikolas wants to comfort Ava, but she's still angry about his infidelity. He says it will look suspicious if Ava leaves him right after Esme 'left'. Nikolas gets a call from Spencer that he's been taken to the PCPD. Ava says she won't be there when he gets back. Nikolas says they need to provide a united front so that no one is suspicious about Esme's disappearance.

Trina doesn't understand why Spencer would testify for her and has a hard time processing it all. Rory seems a little distant so Trina thinks he's pulling back because she might end up going to prison. Trina gives him an out if he so chooses, but Rory says he's totally into her. Rory says he's just trying to be there for her, while she rants about Spencer. Trina's glad she took the stand and spoke her truth. Rory wants a chance to get to know her better and the two share a kiss.

Josslyn updates Cameron about what happened with Spencer's testimony, Josslyn wonders why Cameron isn't surprised, and he admits what Spencer's plan was. Josslyn is not happy that Cameron knew and didn't tell her. (What Cam should have said here was, "Joss honey, you have a big fat hypocritical mouth and you would have blown it by crowing to Esme the first chance you got, so shut your pie hole." But apparently Cam's nicer than I am!!)

Cameron tells her the whole story, including the deal to tell Esme about her birth mother. Josslyn thinks if she had been told what was going on she could have helped bring Esme down and they need to work together now.

Nikolas and Martin get to the station to talk to Spencer. Nikolas tells Spencer he's not sure that Trina will be exonerated, no matter his sacrifice. Spencer tells his father to make sure Esme doesn't leave town so she can exonerate Trina.

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Spencer explains that he's been trying to find evidence against Esme, but when that didn't work he tried to offer her a deal. Spencer thinks Nikolas will have a better chance at convincing Esme to tell the truth, pointing out that they've gotten closer lately. Nikolas tells Spencer that Esme has already left town.

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Martin tells Spencer he can't get him in front of the judge tonight so he'll be spending the night in a holding cell. Spencer tells Nikolas to find Esme since she's the key to exonerating Trina.

Sasha runs into Nina at the Metro Court. Nina says it's been a bumpy ride, but she's glad she kept the hotel. Sasha says she's meeting her friend Sienna so Nina keeps her company while she's waiting. The two make small talk and Sasha complains about Brando driving her crazy. Nina defends Brando.

Brando stops by Sonny's because he is upset that Sasha has been ghosting him and explains about their argument. Sonny tells him to back off a little, but Brando worries that she'll try to score drugs again. He asks Sonny to spare one of his men to keep an eye on her but Sonny doesn't want to spy on Sasha. Brando decides he needs to find her.

Sienna and Grant are working together. He wants her to have Sasha talk about Harmony's accident, to admit that she was using drugs that night. Sienna heads to the hotel to meet with Sasha while Grant listens to their conversation through her phone. The two make small talk until Sienna pushes hard on information about Harmony. Sasha says her death was a tragedy and when Sienna pushes for details, Sasha leaves.

Ava heads to Sonny's to ask for help. Ava asks Sonny to make sure that Trina is acquitted. Sonny tells her to go to Esme and get her to confess, but Ava says that can't happen. Ava says Esme left town and Sonny offers to send his men after her.

Ava says his men won't find her in time, which makes Sonny question what Ava did to Esme. Ava turns it back to Trina and asks whether he'll help her. Sonny agrees to take care of it and calls Dex.

Ava heads to the Metro Court and tells Nina she'll be staying for a bit, and then mentions how she's optimistic about Trina being exonerated. Brando runs into them and asks about Sasha. Nina says they were together earlier and that Sasha is not okay.

Sienna wants her money from Grant who says he's not paying her because she didn't get the information he wanted from Sasha. Sasha finds them together.

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