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#MeghanMcCainMeltdown Trends After Ex-The View Co-Host Reacts to Arizona Elections

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain is not feeling her home state of Arizona's GOP gubernatorial primary. The ex-co-host of The View didn't hold back on the Republican race for governor, specifically about Kari Lake, a supporter of former President Donald Trump. Tuesday night polling first showed Arizona Board of Regents member Karrin Taylor Robson leading the race by eight percentage points. 

Meghan posted via Twitter in a now-deleted tweet:

Wow…Lake is getting crushed so far!!! Incredible! Everybody better tune in to primetime if this lunatic loses cause she's gonna go absolute insane on live tv. Like one for the books, makes Trump look normal insane.

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There is no love lost between the two. A few months ago Kari created a campaign video where she stated the GOP needed to "replace that disgusting, dirty McCain Swamp with, maybe, I don't know … a Lake? You need somebody who is going to represent 'we the people.' "In July, Lake insinuated on a podcast that Cindy McCain, Meghan's mama, was part of a scheme with billionaire George Soros to crush America with a "globalist agenda." 

In her rebuttal, Meghan has called Kari "trash and "psycho" for her remarks. Later election night Meghan changed her stance and tweeted:

On Wednesday morning, things took a turn in the race when Kari's chances to nab the Republican nomination increased after she nabbed 12,000 after 81% of the votes were counted. Meghan tweeted out: