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WATCH: Days of Our Lives' Brandon Barash Previews Stefan's Resurrection (VIDEO)

EJ DiMera, Stefan DiMera, Days of Our Lives

The DiMera brothers are reunited...sort of! Just after losing brother Jake (Brandon Barash), Days of Our Lives' EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) is about to regain a sibling. Jake's presumed-dead twin Stefan is coming back to life! Barash and Feuerriegel talked about Stefan's resurrection in a DAYS YouTube interview.

What was Barash's reaction to hearing Stefan was coming back? He said:

I was happy; I was really happy. Jake was a very fun character to play for, I think, the two years that I played him, but in Salem they’re all about the strong leading male, right? And Jake was not that. He was fun. Jake’s the guy you want to go out and grab a beer with and you don’t want to watch Jake take over a corporation, whereas Stefan could certainly go up against EJ or Chad (Billy Flynn), and so I was excited to kind of of bring that fire back.

Barash reflected on Stefan's romance with Gabi (Camila Banus), saying:

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The appeal is, Stefan and Gabi, two very similar people as far as ambition goes. Stefan comes from a very ambitious lineage; Gabi, she's a go-getter. She's very cutthroat. She goes after what she wants and takes as many prisoners as she needs to and Stefan's very similar.

What can viewers look forward to seeing in this storyline? The actor teased:

Stefan waking up for the first time may be a little Hulk-ish. So that might be fun. You get to see me kind of lose my you-know-what and then you'll see some revenge, you'll see some obviously corporate takeover as we see in the DiMeras, love, losing of memory, maybe gaining of memories.

Watch the full chat below.