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The Young and the Restless Recap: Sally Pushes Nick For Details About Ashland’s Death

The Young and the Restless Recap for August 3, 2022
Sally Spectra, The Young and the Restless

Courtney Hope

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Irritation and Pettiness: Devon and Amanda are awaiting Nate’s arrival at Society. Devon is worried he won’t show up since Nate is so annoyed with him. Nate enters yelling “no comment” at someone on the phone. Nate explains he’s been bombarded with calls about Ashland Locke’s death. Apparently, folks think that he and Ashland were still friends. Nate thinks the connection could hurt his credibility.

Amanda says all anyone cares about are the circumstances surrounding his death. Nate wants to move along and try to get past their disagreement. Amanda shifts to whether or not they’ve been able to get Elena out of her Newman Media contract. Nate says Imani supposedly forwarded the documents to her, but she’s confused and clearly irritated with the situation. 

Devon gets petty with Nate about work and Amanda steps away. Nate thinks Devon doesn’t trust him and is pestering him about the job he was hired to do. Devon thinks he’s taking everything personally. He thinks Nate is overreacting because he is second guessing his career change. Nate thinks Devon is used to calling all the shots. Devon disagrees and doesn’t want to argue. He thinks Nate needs a mentor and some media training. Nate says Elena is back from her (very long) trip and leaves.

Manipulation at the GCAC Pool: Phyllis and Summer arrive at the GCAC pool. They immediately dive into a discussion of Ashland: The Mini Series. Phyllis thinks the media fallout could be devastating for their family. Summer insists the Abbotts are keeping the media at bay. Summer thinks they will have to arrange for Ashland’s funeral because of Harrison. Phyllis smiles as she thinks Ashland’s funeral will resemble Diane’s because no one cared.

Anyway, Phyllis is proud of Summer for stepping up to be a mother to Harrison. (It’s about time to recast Tara and spring her from prison.) Summer reminds her the whole family needs to step up. Phyllis pipes up and says, “not Diane.” Summer thinks Phyllis is freaked out about seeing Jack and Diane in the park. As usual, Phyllis seems to believe Diane is all knowing since she, once again, came out smelling like a rose.

Phyllis is done with Diane and shifts to discussing her potential job at Marchetti. Summer doesn’t think it’s the right time to broach the topic. Phyllis understands and then drops the bomb she may sell The Grand Phoenix. She fills Summer in on Lily’s offer. Just then, Phyllis receives a text from Ashley about the upcoming meeting about Operation: Take Down Diane.

Investigative Gossip: Chloe arrives at Newman Media, ready to get to work with Sally. Chloe is annoyed by all the national media vultures trying to get the scoop on Ashland’s death. Sally reminds her they are also media vultures. Chloe doubts that anyone will find out that Nicholas punched Ashland the night of his death. Sally’s ears perk up like a surprised Scooby Doo. Kevin told Chloe the details (boundaries?). Sally says Nicholas told her a few things, but clearly not everything.

Sally wonders how Ashland ended up in the ravine. Chloe is equally perplexed and wonders why the police haven’t released a statement. Sally is convinced there’s a story they should cover. Chloe reminds her they need to be very careful. Chloe heads out and Sally sends Nicholas a text that they need to talk.

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Soap Opera Gold: Nicholas and Sharon are chatting by J.T.’s former grave about Ashland: The Mini Series. Sharon wonders if he has spoken to Victor. Nicholas says he hasn’t and Sharon pours salt in the wound, saying it wouldn’t surprise her if Victor manipulated things behind the scenes. Nicholas agrees and thinks there is definitely more to the story. He fills Sharon in on his last conversation with Chance. Nicholas can tell he is suspicious about the chain of events. Just then, Nicholas gets Sally’s text. Sharon offers to help in any way she can. Nicholas thanks her for always supporting him, and departs.

Personal vs. Business: Nicholas arrives at Sally’s office and wants to know how she knows about his physical confrontation with Ashland. She wants to know what details he left out the other night. Nicholas does not want to answer Sally’s questions. She wonders if he would rather speak with one of Newman Media’s reporters. (I love Sally.)

Nicholas explains he punched Ashland because he was getting violent with Victoria. Sally understands, but wonders what happened next. Nicholas explains he has no idea how the crash happened. Sally is thrilled to have the facts of the story so Newman Media can beat every other outlet to the story. Nicholas thinks it’s a bad idea, but Sally thinks it’s a no-brainer.

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-Devon arrives back at Chancellor-Winters to find Amanda in the front lobby. Devon thinks Nate is being a baby and he may have pulled him into the business too quickly.

-Nate arrives at Crimson Lights and runs into Sharon (who is clearly now the town talk-to). He texts Elena and Sharon brings his coffee. Elena answers his text and Nate gets a call from Imani at the same time. She called because she wants some company. Nate promises to keep her as entertained as possible.

-Summer thinks Kyle will object to Phyllis joining Marchetti because of Diane, but promises to cut for her. 

-Nicholas understands the business sense of beating the competition to a story, but wants to spare Victoria’s feelings. Sally gets it, but pushes the issue. If they don’t cover it, someone else will. She doesn’t want it to look like she is covering things up. Nicholas says the story is in her hands to do with what she wishes. 

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