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Perkie's Observations: Sasha's Downward Spiral Lands Her in Jail on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 4, 2022
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General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson

On today’s General Hospital recap: Josslyn tells Carly that Cameron lied to her and she hates it. Then, she updates Carly on Spencer's testimony. Josslyn explains how Spencer confided in Cameron who kept it secret from her and Carly commiserates with her.

Sonny's name comes up as it always does with these two and we get on the merry-go-round number 876 of evil Sonny taking Nina's side at the trial that ruined the very essence of the wonder who is Michael. Josslyn has just so much darn rage about it all. Carly gives her a tongue bath on the wonders who is she and advises her to put her energy elsewhere.

Sonny summons Dex for a job and tells him to find Beckett Reed, a theatre manager with no criminal record. Dex wonders why he's on Sonny's hit list. Sonny says he's the jury foreman and wants Dex to convince him to acquit Trina or else. Dex questions why, and Sonny explains that Trina was set up.

Dex meets with Beckett to try and convince him to get the jury to find Trina not guilty. Josslyn comes across them and recognizes the jury member. Josslyn demands to know what Dex is doing and if it's at Sonny's bidding, but he's not talking.

Josslyn heads back and tells Carly what she saw, but can't believe Sonny would help Trina. Carly points out that Sonny likes Trina and the offer might have originated from Ava. Hypocritical Josslyn declares it's not right, but Carly points out it's not right for Trina to go to jail for something she didn't do. Josslyn decides to let it slide.

Dex tells Sonny he delivered the message, but Josslyn interrupted and is not sure if Beckett will do what was asked.

Dante wonders if turning down the latest assignment will stop his upward momentum in the PCPD. Jordan says she understands his choice to put Rocco first. Jordan promises to offer him local assignments from now on.

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Sasha demands to know why Sierra is setting her up and wants Grant to leave her alone. He says scandal sells, especially if it's a beautiful woman dragged down. Then he brings up the baby's death. Sasha gets upset, picks up a sign, and smashes Grant's windshield. Brando comes running up, yelling at Sasha to stop and drags her away from the car.

Dante is called and shows up at the scene. Grant claims he was minding his own business and Sasha attacked his car. He has video evidence and is pressing charges. Sasha is taken to the precinct.

Brando insists Sasha must have been provoked, but Dante says it doesn't matter since Grant has a dash cam video of Sasha smashing his windshield. Jordan says Sasha will need to be held until arraignment tomorrow, but Brando worries for Sasha's mental health.

Brando calls Sonny and is worried that Sasha can't spend the night in lockup. Sonny offers to call Diane and have her plead self-defense, but Brando says Sasha started it.
As Sasha is processed, Brando begs Dante and Jordan to let him take Sasha home and bring her back in the morning for the arraignment. He swears that Sasha won't recover from this, but she's taken to the holding cells .

Portia updates Curtis and TJ on Spencer's testimony, and how Trina kept the alibi quiet. Portia doesn't understand why Trina kept it secret and why Esme is not being investigated. Curtis mentions that Oz was brought out of his coma, but Portia's worried Trina will be convicted anyway.

Curtis and TJ explain to Portia how they want to speed up the process of taking Oz out of his coma so he can testify to exonerate Trina. Portia says it's unethical, but Curtis pushes, telling her about the drug Spencer found in Esme's possession. He believes Trina was drugged at the cabin, which is why the drink hit her so hard.

Portia insists they can't pull Oz out of the coma. She's concerned that TJ could put his career in jeopardy and won't let them do it. Portia has TJ promise to stay out of it, and he agrees and leaves. Curtis figures Portia wants to be the one to take the hit rather than letting TJ take it. Portia says it's her job to protect Trina and she won't let anyone else do this but herself. Curtis says they're doing it together.

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