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Y&R's Conner Floyd on Ashland Investigation: "Chance is in a Pickle Right Now"

Conner Floyd, The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Chance (Conner Floyd) is trying to uncover the truth about Ashland's (Robert Newman) death. But he might well run into some road blocks in the investigation, thanks to his Newman in-laws. Floyd spoke to Soap Hub about how the detective is trying to solve this mystery.

He noted:

Chance is in a pickle right now. He’s dealing with the two things that I think he probably loves most — justice and law enforcement, bringing peace to the world in whatever he’s doing, and his family.

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The Chancellor heir isn't sure he's getting the full picture of what happened to Ashland. Floyd explained:

Chance sees everything. I think the biggest thing for him is he can kind of tell that something’s up. He’s just got this gut feeling that people aren’t being honest with him, and it’s people who are really close to him. It’s his family. I think he’s disappointed. He’s upset. He doesn’t really know how to feel because he knows these people who are really close to him — these people that he loves — aren’t being honest with him.

Keeping on good terms with the Newmans might be harder as he discovers more about Ashland's demise. Floyd dished:

The more he digs, it’ll dig him deeper into this ditch he’s digging for himself. You can assume that there are gonna be problems for him.