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Perkie's Observations: Lucy Wants Sasha to Step Aside as The Face of Deception on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 5, 2022
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Lucy Coe, General Hospital

Lynn Herring

On today’s General Hospital recap:

Martin is hired to represent Sasha for her arraignment. Brando tells him that he needs to get Sasha out of these charges but Martin says he can't. He promises he'll do his best but the video makes Sasha look out of control and violent. 

Martin says he's trying to make a deal and mentions a guardianship to legally claim that Sasha can't take care of herself. He says it would be a way to keep her out of jail and make her go to her appointments. Brando's not sure he can sell Sasha on this. 

Gladys helps Sasha get ready and wonders why she did what she did. Sasha says she was standing up for herself and she's tired of being exploited. Gladys promises to look out for her. 

The Deception women discuss how to handle Sasha's latest breakdown, while respecting her privacy and protecting the company. Maxie and Brook Lynn write up a press release hoping to bring compassion to the mental health issue. Lucy's looking out for Deception and wonders if Sasha should step aside as the Face of Deception. Maxie's not happy, but Lucy says it's just business.

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Alexis and Gregory meet to discuss the wager they had about the best article for The Invader. Most readers preferred Gregory's take. Gregory wonders why she didn't put anything in the Invader about Sasha's breakdown. Alexis says Sasha is struggling with her mental health and an article will be character assassination. Gregory agrees that Sasha's state of mind needs to be taken into consideration.

Dante tells Chase that the chances of him getting his badge back are slim because he's being made an example of. Chase is discouraged and Dante wonders if he'll take a job outside the force just as Linc shows up and claims Chase has other options.

Linc tells Chase that he can get him a gig at The Savoy and he's booked studio time. Brook Lynn arrives in time to hear Linc sell his services. Brook Lynn's offer is to share songwriting credit which would be a better deal. Alone, Linc tells Chase that he knows what Brook Lynn is up to. Dante was eavesdropping and pulled Brook Lynn aside to ask her what she's up to.

Cody runs into Britt, who's not interested in him and tells him so. Cody complains about Britt's treatment of him (and OMG make this story stop. I. Just. Can't!), so Britt feels badly. Britt eventually agrees to another dinner.

Sam meets Spinelli to discuss the case she's working and asks for his help, but he's distracted watching Cody be a complete tool to Britt for the 899th time. Sam insists on knowing why Spinelli doesn't like Cody, but he denies it. Maxie joins them, spotting Britt and Cody together and believes Cody is a good guy, which Spinelli disagrees with before storming off. Maxie talks to Britt, thrilled that she's giving Cody a second chance. 

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