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Days of Our Lives Recap: Victor Strikes a Deal With Alex About His Position at Titan

Days of Our Lives Recap For August 5, 2022
Victor Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

John Aniston

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Kiriakis Frat House, LLC: Maggie comes to fetch Alex for dinner and decides to walk into his bedroom without knocking. She quickly encounters a half-nekkid Alex engaging in bedroom hijinks with a random woman…Laura, er, Lisa. She grabs her things, compliments Maggie’s hair, and exits. Maggie gets very flustered by Alex’s blatant sexuality, and makes her exit (I love that Alex calls Maggie, “Auntie”).

Victor thinks they’re living in a frat house. Auntie Maggie explains to Victor how Alex brought a woman home and it’s not big deal (how progressive of Maggie!). It tickles her when Victor tries to take the moral high ground. Maggie goes to check on dinner, leaving Victor to ask what Alex is doing with his life (I love how taken Maggie is with Alex). 

Alex explains that working with his brothers didn’t work out. Victor knows exactly what happened, but didn’t want to have the conversation in front of Sonny. Victor isn’t certain working with Sonny at Titan will be any different than his prior brotherly experience.

That said, Sonny has too much Adrienne in him to effectively run Titan. (Good mention by Alex that she basically raised him too.) Victor is mad that Sonny let the company acquisition slip through his fingers….but it wasn’t Gabi who grabbed the company, it was Alex. He admits he formed an LLC and bought the company. Alex insists he was trying to save Sonny from falling into a trap.

Family Drama - Horton Edition: Allie and Chanel get all sweet and precious in Nicole’s former living room. They feel badly for hurting Johnny, but decide not to let anything ruin their night. Just then, a knock at the door reveals Lucas. Allie wants him to go, but Chanel urges her to work things out with her father. She grabs her bag and makes her exit.

Lucas apologizes for all his actions, and Allie thinks it’s a pattern - especially when he inevitably asks forgiveness after the fact. He ignores her and explains all he learned from Marlena’s hypnosis. Long story short, he didn’t kill Abigail. She admits she never thought he could kill someone, but she doesn’t think Sarah could either. That said, she will never forget nor forgive him for kidnapping Samantha Gene. She thinks he’s a coward for trying to get out of it in court. (Is Lucas going to prison?) Her eyes have been opened to who he truly is.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave: Paulina and Johnny sit down and discuss their disappointment that Chanel didn’t choose him. Johnny proposes working on a plan together to convince Chanel she made the wrong decision. Paulina reluctantly agrees, but wants to make sure Allie doesn’t get hurt. Just then, Chanel walks into Horton Square and overhears them talking. She approaches and uses their words to confront them about their plot. She declares she hates both of them and leaves.

Family Drama - Price/Dupree Edition: Paulina follows Chanel where a confrontation ensues. Paulina didn’t mean to betray Chanel. She just wanted to make sure she was making the right decision. Chanel thinks Paulina is upset because she picked the girl and not the boy.

Paulina pushes back and reminds her that she thinks love is love, but makes the case that as a black woman, her life is already hard enough. Chanel calls BS as she knows Paulina would never walk away from a decision she knew would be best for her.

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Paulina breaks down and admits she did want Chanel with a boy. She was trying to fulfill her own life dreams through her daughter. Chanel says Paulina is holding on to an old-fashioned understanding of marriage. Allie is her “Princess Charming.” (I kind of love princess charming.) Paulina embraces Chanel and promises to do better.

Breaking, Entering, and Dumpster Diving: Sarah and Xander successfully break into Gwen’s room, and carefully start to ransack the place. They find the mask in her suitcase…just as Gwen arrives home. They hide and Gwen goes straight for the mask, saying aloud she’s got to get rid of it. She walks out, and Sarah and Xander emerge from the bathroom, and follow her out. Gwen ditches the mask in a dumpster. (Because that’s the smartest move, right?)

Sarah and Xander figure out the dumpster was the most likely place she would have disposed of the mask (nothing gets past them), and then go diving. Much to their chagrin, the mask doesn’t appear to be there. Xander thinks they need to go to the police and tell them what they know. Sarah thinks even if they tell the police everything they can only prove means, but not opportunity.

Keep Your Friends Close: Gwen returns to her room just before Leo arrives to eat, drink, and gossip about Sarah. Gwen doesn’t seem in much of a gossipy mood, but Leo pulls out the mask she just disposed of...which decidedly shifts her mood. Leo saw her in the alley and followed her back home. As Gwen grabs the vodka, Leo recounts all the things he knows about Gwen’s possible involvement in Abigail’s murder. He asks her to tell him the truth. Gwen gulps some vodka and says there are no details to tell about the night of Abigail’s death. He grabs the mask, but before he can make is exit, Gwen snatches it back.

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-Xander and Sarah are all fresh and clean and half-nekkid after washing off the putrid stink of their dumpster dive. They decide to go to Statesville the next day to gather evidence against Gwen.

-Alex doesn’t want Sonny to know about his recent business dealings. Victor agrees to keep quiet, not just to save Sonny’s feelings, but to save Alex’s standing in the family. Victor wants Alex to be a “fixer” for Titan working under Sonny, but reporting directly to Victor. Before Alex can exit, Victor checks him once more saying he thinks this arrangement is exactly what Alex wanted from the beginning.

-Paulina runs into Johnny in Horton Square. He begs her to help him, but she refuses. Paulina now understands that Chanel’s happiness lies with Allie.

-Chanel and Allie catch up on the events of the day. Allie told Lucas the future of their relationship is up to him. He needs to show her that he understands the weight of his actions. Therefore, Lucas made a decision.

-Lucas is on the phone as he approaches the Brady Pub. He calls his lawyer saying he wants to change his plea in the kidnapping case back to guilty.

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