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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Gets Much Needed Support From Kristina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 8, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today’s General Hospital recap: Nina interviews celebrity chef Jamika Pessoa for a possible position at the Metro Court. Liesl joins Nina, and the two complain about Carly and all she has going for her. Nina mentions that Carly will always be a part of their lives, according to Sonny. Liesl's not happy and tells Nina that she needs to walk away if Sonny won't put her first.

Nina says things were simpler in Nixon Falls because no one was vying for his attention. Liesl asks if she still wants to be with Sonny, knowing how things will be. Nina says she wants to be with Sonny, but Liesl warns her again that he and Carly always get back together, and questions where would that leave her.

Kristina falls out of the unused closet to share a scene with Sonny, who congratulates her for her promotion at Charlie's. Sonny talks about the kids who aren't happy with him, but Kristina says she owes him everything and will never turn on him. When Sonny brings up Nina, Kristina is quick to chastise her for what she did, but promises not to judge her.

Sonny confides in Kristina about how life was different in Nixon Falls with Nina, and then at home, Carly is in their lives. Kristina says she just wants him to be happy and if that means Nina, then she's fine with it. Nina shows up looking for Sonny, and is happy when Kristina is nice to her.

Brook Lynn swears to Dante she's just trying to launch Chase's career, but Dante thinks it's more about sticking it to Linc. Brook Lynn denies anything nefarious, but Dante says he doesn't want Chase to lose any chance of getting his badge back. Brook Lynn says she's trying to help Chase to thank him for everything he's done for her.

Linc warns Chase about Brook Lynn's motivation, but Chase says they're strictly professional. Linc tells him not to mix business with romance because it doesn't end well. Linc says he can launch Chase's career in thirty days and he'll thank him for it.

Sam wants details from Maxie about Spinelli's squirrelliness (it's a word!), but Maxie's not talking. Maxie asks about Dante and is surprised to hear he asked Sam to move in. She is concerned it means he's moving past Lulu, but she's happy for Sam.

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Spinelli tells Britt she needs to not accept Cody's advances and to stay away from him. Britt doesn't understand why Spinelli's suddenly doing an about face and wonders what Spinelli knows about Cody that she doesn't. Cody eavesdrops and interrupts. He tells Britt that Spinelli wants her all to himself.

Cody drags Spinelli off for a talk while the women dissect Spinelli's possible interest in Britt. Britt mentions the girl Spinelli told her he was dating, but Maxie hasn't heard anything. Sam wonders if Spinelli really does have an interest in Britt, and Dante heads off to talk to the guys.

Cody warns Spinelli he could tell everyone Spinelli's behind Society Setups and created an algorithm. Cody threatens to tell the authorities that Spinelli's been doing unauthorized data mining and violating privacies. Cody tells him to either tell the truth or pretend to be into Britt.

Michael and Dex meet out in the back parking lot of the ABC set near a dumpster, which is fitting if you think about it. Dex wants more money and tells Michael about Sonny telling him to pressure the jury member. Dex tells Michael to have a third party tip off the judge before the jury comes in, but Michael decides he can't do it. Michael claims he doesn't want to nail Sonny at Trina's expense.

Willow tries to get into her own test results, but the lab still doesn't have them. Ava interrupts to ask Willow if a young woman was brought into the emergency room last night. When Willow steps away, Ava checks the list of patients on the computer, none of which are Esme.

Willow seems distracted, so Ava reaches out to her. At first, Willow claims it is just morning sickness, but then starts crying and Ava offers a hug. Willow apologizes, but Ava understands about losing a child, no matter the age.

Michael shows up, sees Willow's tears, and blames it on Ava. (Shut up Michael. Maybe Willow's tears are because you're a giant tool and she's stuck with you). Willow defends Ava and thanks her for being there when she needed it. After Ava leaves, Willow promises Michael that Ava was very helpful and she'll do everything for this baby.

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