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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Li Has No Time For Steffy’s Anger

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for August 9, 2022
Li Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Naomi Matsuda

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Familial Freakout: Li and Steffy are going at it at the beach house. Steffy is furious that Li kept her in the dark the whole time. She thinks Li is cruel. Li counters that dealing with doctors who pronounced Finn dead and the likes of Sheila Carter is the definition of cruel. She will never apologize for what she did.

Steffy just wants to know why she didn’t tell her about Finn - after she woke up. Li says by then Sheila was in the picture (which is not actually true), and the only thing she was focused on was Finn. Steffy says nothing justifies letting her and the children suffer. Li wants Steffy to understand what Finn’s life was like before all the chaos and drama ensued from their coupling (how do you not love a feisty Li?).

Steffy unleashes on Taylor about how frustrated and angry she is with Li. She says that Li thinks Finn’s life would be less chaotic (read: better) without him being involved with the Forrester family (where is the lie?). Steffy wonders why Li isn’t focusing her frustration on Jack and his affair with Sheila. Taylor reminds Steffy to be grateful for what she has.

Post-Resurrection Normality: Brooke is telling Hope and Liam that once everything settles down, her life with Ridge will get back to normal. No one can separate them. Hope seems skeptical because Ridge has yet to recommit to her. Right now, Brooke wants Ridge to spend time with his “other” family. Brooke assures Hope that her posting of “the picture” didn’t thrill Ridge, but they’ve worked it out (little does Brooke know…). Hope moves forward wondering how Steffy could possibly forgive Li for keeping Finn’s undeadness a secret.

Steffy blames Sheila. Li blames Steffy FOR Sheila. She is now done with Steffy’s foolishness. She was absorbed with trying to save Finn - WHICH SHE DID (get your priorities straight, Steffy!). Just then, Taylor arrives and Li storms out.

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Just then, Ridge arrives and wants to thank Liam for being so kind as to put Steffy first. He’s also grateful to Bill for bringing Finn to Steffy. They all discuss the situation when Liam pops up and says it’s all great, but also doesn’t understand why Li had to keep the truth from everyone. 

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-Hope and Liam return to the cabin where he continues to discuss the only thing anyone can discuss. As she should, Hope covers his mouth, begins to undress him, and reminds him that time alone equates to getting nekkid - which they do.

-Brooke wonders how Ridge is doing now that Finn has been resurrected and his “other family” is back together. She goes on to say that they should “celebrate” his return - which leads to BRidge kissing.

-Steffy switches topics and wonders what is going on with Mama Taylor. After they battle a bit, Taylor admits she and Ridge kissed. She explains how joyous she and Ridge were about Steffy and Finn - and they got swept up in a moment. Flashback: The kiss…Steffy is stunned but thrilled! In unison they both say, “what does this mean for you and dad?” 

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