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Perkie’s Observations: Nikolas Presses Ava to Delay Their Divorce on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 9, 2022
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today’s General Hospital recap: Nina complains to Sonny they aren't the same people they were in Nixon Falls and their relationship has changed. Sonny says they have to learn to be themselves in Port Charles and Nina needs to take a chance.

Smoltz finds Sonny and Nina, and wants a quote about Sasha's violent outburst. When Smoltz gets even more annoying, Sonny tosses him out. Nina says she's proud of being with Sonny and agrees to move forward with him.

Dante and Sam discuss moving in together. Sam admits it caught her by surprise and wonders where they would live. Dante suggests she move in with him, but Sam says she's not comfortable there since it's Lulu's home. Sam says Lulu isn't just his ex-wife and they have unfinished business. Dante admits he misses Lulu and always will, but they were done as a couple before she went into the coma. He doesn't want Lulu to come between them and wants a life with Sam.

Drew meets with his life coach Mia to complain about his problems with ELQ and Aurora. Valentin interrupts to introduce himself to Mia, much to Drew's annoyance. Carly interrupts and snarks out Valentin. Carly wants Mia's help in getting back what she lost. After their meeting, Drew joins Carly to complain about evil Ned and tells her he's going to go after what he wants.

Felicia asks if Anna wants her to find out what Valentin has been up to. Anna tells her what Valentin said about leaving one clinic for another and Felicia wonders if Anna believes him. Anna admits it bothers her that she doesn't know what he was doing when he was away. Felicia wonders if Anna wants an excuse to dump Valentin, but she denies it. Felicia tells Anna to trust her instincts and find out the truth for herself.

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Ava and Scotty meet to discuss the divorce, which Ava says is happening. Nikolas interrupts, insisting on talking to Ava alone, but she simply signs the divorce papers and hands them to him. Nikolas refuses to sign them.

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Nikolas updates Ava with Spencer's plan to have Esme exonerate Trina. Explains how desperate Spencer is to find Esme, which means Nikolas wants to stay married. Nikolas believes Esme is dead since she fell off the parapet (you know, like that time Nikolas fell off a parapet and "died"?). He tells Ava if anyone finds out about his tryst, it would give Ava motive to kill Esme. Ava understands the situation she's in and agrees to stay married. When Scotty returns to the table, Ava tells him they're not getting divorced, but she's going to hang onto the papers. Ava doesn't want to stay at Wyndemere no matter how much Nikolas insists they show a united front.

Liesl comes across Britt and Cody at the pool, and embarrasses Britt with her excitement the two are on a date. When alone, Britt complains to Liesl, but she says she just wants someone that will make Britt smile. Liesl and Cody get chummy, which annoys Britt even more.

Scotty joins Liesl at the poolside and she introduces him to Cody. Cody says he's waited a long time for this and punches Scotty in the face. (Can Scotty have this dumbass arrested and thrown out of town? Also can I have a basketful of kittens and a year's supply of chocolate covered almonds? Thanks.)

Valentin overhears Victor on the phone, threatening the governor regarding Spencer's new sentence. Valentin gets snippy, so Victor mentions Charlotte and how he spoke to her earlier. Valentin's upset that Victor is denying him access to his daughter.

Valentin questions why Victor is keeping her from him, since he's done everything his father has demanded. Victor points out that Laura is still alive. Valentin counters that she's in Italy dealing with her mother and not here getting into Victor's business. Victor brings up Anna and how she's been asking questions. Valentin says he covered with Anna and she won't be asking any more questions.

Drew confronts Valentin.

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