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The Young and the Restless Recap: Chance Rebukes The Newmans And Vows Justice For Ashland Locke

The Young and the Restless Recap for August 9, 2022
Chance Chancellor, The Young and the Restless

Conner Floyd

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Newman Nonsense: Nikki arrives at Newman just in time for Victoria to tell her she has closed the deal in Tokyo. Nikki thinks Victoria is avoiding things - specifically the night Ashland died. Victoria explains everything she thinks happened that night and Nikki is not surprised in the slightest… nor does she care. She just wants to get home to confront Victor.

Crimson Lights Chaos: Nicholas tells Sharon he filled Victoria in on everything that happened the night Ashland died. He thinks she would have preferred to have been kept in the dark. He says Victoria has clearly dealt with something like this before.

Sharon immediately thinks he’s referring to J.T. (even though, for once, they are not sitting in the park - across from his former grave). Nicholas avoids that issue and thinks they are all supposed to protect Victor - unless he decides to come clean. Nicholas explains how Chance doesn’t believe anything Victor did or said. Sharon reminds him it’s been his job his entire life to cover up for Victor and his BS. 

A Game of Chess With Chance: Victor is talking with Chance, who thinks Ashland didn’t actually stumble out of Victoria’s house by himself. Victor thinks it’s an interesting theory, but Chance has nothing to corroborate his story.

Chance claims he found video that may prove more than one person was in Ashland’s car and there was a random cigarette butt. Victor scoffs at such foolishness! He doesn’t understand why Chance continues when the evidence is clear that Ashland died in the accident.

Victor understands Chance has a high sense of duty, but thinks Ashland is dead as a doornail and not worth the time given to this investigation. Chance reminds him that he covered up Adam’s “fatal” accident in the past. Victor doesn’t give a damn and wants Chance to go home to his family.

For The Love: Sally is sitting at her desk when Chloe arrives ready to brainstorm! Chloe explains how she and Kevin watched a movie, then later in the evening, found him playing a video game based on the movie. Sally doesn’t get the connection. Chloe explains why they should be interested, but Sally is too busy remembering her relationship with Adam to pay attention to money being presented in front of her. (For the love…can we allow Nicholas or anyone else to tempt Sally so she realizes Adam doesn't have the only D in town?).

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Chloe continues and tries to snap Sally to attention, and is slightly annoyed because she’s been through this BS before with Chelsea. She suggests an exorcism to get rid of all the horror Adam has left behind. Sally goes forward with a ridiculous diatribe about Adam being possibly responsible for all of her accomplishments and inspiration. (Jesus be a female head writer…)

Chloe tries to get her to come correct about her own talents (Lord, this is tiresome…). Once again, Chloe’s pep talk helped kicked Sally’s ass into gear. (Will Chloe eventually look to take over Sally’s spot because she can do it better?) Sally takes her new found confidence and now wants to take the Ashland Locke story by the throat. Chloe isn’t so sure, but Sally doubles down and asks her to use her history with Chance to find out more information.

Jack Woos Adam: Jack is sitting at Society when Adam arrives. He wants to engage in conversation, but Adam is over all of the things! Jack deflects and asks about his plans for the future. He follows up by suggesting that an Adam with no plans is no good to anyone…and asks him to join Jabot.

Adam admits he's bitter about Victor. He also claims he should have known this relationship with Sally would be the same as all his others. Jack thinks Adam is not looking for forgiveness, but is looking to forgive Victor. Jack thinks Adam should use this situation as an opportunity to reinvent himself. Why not come and work with him at Jabot? Adam thinks he is joking, but Jack doubles down by saying that they’ve hired none other than Diane Jenkins!

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-Chance arrives at Newman. He tells Victoria that his conversations with Victor yielded NO information. Victoria doubles down and says he must think they are all hiding information. She claims when things didn’t go Ashland’s way, he lost his grip and Nicholas saved her. Chance believes her, but it doesn’t matter how good or bad Ashland was. This case deserves to be solved and closed just like any case.

-Nikki tells Victor that Victoria told her everything about the night Ashland died. She understands that Victor manipulated everything. She wishes he had told her the truth from the beginning. Victor insists he didn’t want to drag her into this dirty business. Nikki understands because she’s made the same mistake. Shouldn’t they stick together?

-Jack sincerely hopes Adam will consider his offer. He needs someone to help him steer the ship. Whatever his decision, Adam appreciates Jack’s confidence in him…just then, Billy (for the love…) approaches. Adam makes his exit and Billy wonders what the hell is going on. Jack is direct and says he offered Adam the chance to replace Kyle. Billy blathers his BS and Jack reminds him they see things differently. He’s offering Adam a lifeline at a time he needs one.

-Sharon hates that Nicholas doesn’t want to join her for dinner with Noah and Allie. Nicholas wants to go for a run and watch cartoons with Christian. Sharon reminds him that Victor’s decisions are his and not Nicholas’ to be responsible for. Just then, Adam approaches Crimson Lights and sees them talking.