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Days of Our Lives Recap: Alex Finds Himself Enticed by Chanel's Sweet Bits

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 10, 2022
Alexander Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

Robert Scott Wilson

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Kiriakis mansion: Chad is hungover in the Kiriakis living room. Sonny arrives with a disgusting hangover cure - Chad takes a pass. Sonny tells Chad he thought Will was dead, work became very important to him. He offers Chad the VP position at Titan just as Alex walks in to say that the job is no longer available.

Sonny calls Alex a jerk and introduces him to Chad. Alex explains that Victor hired him in the VP position. Sonny is furious because he is the CEO (he all but stomped his feet in 5 year old anger). Alex explains that Victor offered him the job…he didn’t go after it. With that, he heads over to Titan.

Sonny explains to Chad that Alex watched out for him when they were kids. He used to look up to Alex - thought he walked on water (I wish for everyone a friend who looks at them like Chad looks at Sonny). Chad encourages Sonny to talk to Alex. 

Sweet Bits: Allie and Chanel are working at Sweet Bits when flowers arrive for Chanel. Allie thinks she has a secret admirer. The flowers are from Paulina. Chanel explains what happened between with Paulina and Johnny. Before she can finish, Allie storms off to confront Johnny. 

Just then, Alex stumbles into Horton Square taking a picture of the “Sweet Bits” sign. Chanel explains she named the store. He wonders if she knows that the name could be somewhat provocative. Alex is intrigued. He takes a free sample, but says no one will be enticed inside the store when she is outside (I already love their chemistry, and he called her mama!) When he asks her out, Chanel explains she broke up with her boyfriend, but is now with her girlfriend - enter Allie.

Introductions are made and Alex goes all straight boy who is hot for two women together - but he owns his mess. Alex asks both Chanel and Allie out for a night on the town. Chanel persuades Allie, who reluctantly agrees. 

DiMera mansion: Johnny is in a towel and knocks on Chad’s door. When he gets no answer, he enters and finds a very naked Ava listening to music and dancing around. She’s stunned to say the least. Ava explains to Johnny that EJ asked her to move in because she is Jake’s widow. He didn’t know Jake that well, but is sorry for her loss.

Ava explains that EJ invited her to stay because she inherited Jake’s estate. Johnny apologizes again for busting in on her and goes to grab the shampoo…and his towel falls. Ava enjoys the view. They both laugh and agree that they are even (Ava and Johnny, hmmm….).

Allie arrives at the mansion to confront Johnny, but not before Ava chastises her for moving on from Tripp so quickly. While Ava dresses Allie down, Johnny grins with glee. Allie’s backbone continues to solidify as she reminds Ava she controls access to Henry…and then tells Johnny to watch himself or she’ll go full Brady on him. (Well played Allie.)

The Apartment Formerly Known as Jake’s Place: Gwen bangs on Ava’s door (Jake’s apartment) and is stunned when Kristen answers. Kristen lets Gwen in and explains she’s staying at Jake’s old place. They both acknowledge the other’s loss.

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Kristen explains that Ava is staying at the DiMera mansion. Kristen wonders why it’s so urgent that “Gwenny” speak with Ava. She insists she’s there to offer Ava her condolences. Kristen reminds Gwen that Ava sent her to prison and she is responsible for her release. She repeats that she wants to know the situation between her and Ava. Gwen won’t give up the information. Kristen reminds her again how much Gwen owes her.

Statesville: Xander arrives at Statesville in a priest's outfit. When he starts to tell the Warden why he’s there, she gets a call that a fight has broken out. For some reason, she thinks it’s a good idea to leave him alone in the office.

Just then, Sarah arrives and they hit up her computer for information about Gwen. Sarah finds her files. It will take three minutes. Just then, Sarah decides it’s a good idea to engage in sexy time…just as the Warden returns. Xander introduces Sarah as Mary Francis…a nun with impulse control issues. As Xander scrambles, Sarah grabs the portable drive and they quickly make their exit.

Salem Inn: Xander and Sarah discover that Gwen was missing for several hours the night of Abigail’s murder. Xander thinks the evidence is not enough. Sarah puts together that Lucas saw her at the DiMera mansion the night of the murder, and can prove she wasn’t there. Further, they have the “Sarah" mask.

They check the visitor log from Statesville and discover that Abigail and Sarah are the only two visitors Gwen had the night of the murder. The next day both Ava and Leo paid her a visit, which leads Sarah to remember that Gwen made calls to both Ava and Leo the day before.

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-Gwen arrives to see Ava and immediately recognizes her ring! After the dust settles, Gwen explains that Sarah was interrogated for Abigail’s murder, but the evidence didn’t hold up. Gwen demands that Ava not tell anyone about her brief escape that same night. Ava wonders if she did kill Abigail. Of course not, but she did have both motive and opportunity…it would be in their mutual interest to keep quiet.

-After Alex makes his exit, Allie playfully (sort of) asks Chanel if she should be jealous. Chanel immediately wonders if she is the only one that thought he was hot. Allie reluctantly agrees that Alex is “smoking hot”.

-Johnny finds Ava’s robe and flashes back to seeing Ava naked.

-Sarah deduces if she and Xander can prove Gwen actually was out of prison, they can turn her in.

-Kristen calls Dr. Rolf to see how quickly they can reintroduce Stefan to Salem. 

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