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Perkie's Observations: Cody Reveals a Connection to Dominique on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 10, 2022
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Cody Bell, General Hospital

Josh Kelly

On today’s General Hospital recap: Spencer complains to Dante about being held at the station, as he was only gone from Spring Ridge for a couple of hours. Dante says Spencer took his time coming to Trina's defense, but Spencer says he tried to step up.

Sonny shows up to talk to Spencer, who mentions that he'll likely have to serve his full month sentence, but this time at Pentonville. Sonny lets Spencer know that his men on the inside will be keeping an eye on him. Sonny warns him to keep his mouth shut and says he's proud of Spencer for sticking up for Trina.

Spencer says Jordan offered him a deal, to lessen the sentence in exchange for the names of those who helped him escape. He wonders how Sonny feels about Spencer possibly ratting them out. Sonny says Spencer needs to live with whatever decision he makes.

Alexis meets with Nikolas, telling him she was summoned for a meeting, which turns out to have been orchestrated by Victor. He wants to discuss Spencer's new sentence and is working on keeping Spencer out of Pentonville by using the press. Alexis says it would backfire on Trina. The outcry would be huge if Spencer, a white boy was set free for a crime he committed, while Trina, a Black girl, would be sent to prison for a crime that she didn't commit. Alexis says she can't keep Spencer out of Pentonville, but can help Trina by building a case against Esme. Nikolas says Esme left and no one knows where she is. Victor says he'll try to track her down.

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Drew wants things to get better between him and Valentin, and offers to take ELQ off his hands. Valentin turns him down, but Drew offers to take down Victor in exchange for ELQ. Valentin eventually shows interest and Drew says Victor could some day not be a threat anymore. Valentin warns Drew that Victor is ruthless and will target those closest to him.

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Anna deliberately runs into Martin to discuss Valentin, but Martin refuses. Martin says he'll squeal on Anna and let Valentin know that she was asking questions. Anna counters with financial information she has on him, and tells him to stick close to Valentin and see what he can get.

Maxie questions Spinelli on his supposed feelings for Britt. Spinelli remembers his conversation with Cody and claims the dating algorithm matched him with Britt. Maxie doesn't understand, but Spinelli insists.

Nina meets with Ava. The two discuss her relationship with Sonny, and Carly's involvement in their lives. Nina asks Ava about her marriage with Nikolas, but she says there are cracks in it.

Scotty nurses his broken nose. Cody continues to threaten him until Liesl kicks him in the family jewels and warns him not to mess with her man. Scotty says he doesn't know Cody, but Cody says he could be Scotty's son. Cody says he was Dominique's son and his last name is Bell from the family who raised him.

Cody says the entire inheritance from Dominique went to Serena. Cody's not happy that Serena has been using her money to save the whales. Scotty warns him away from his daughter.

Cody says he wants his fair share as Dante arrives. Cody claims he did nothing wrong, but Liesl says he assaulted Scotty. Dante arrests Cody and takes him to the station. 

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