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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Detective Sanchez Fingers Sheila’s Killer

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for August 11, 2022
Detective Sanchez, The Bold and the Beautiful

Jeremy Ray Valdez

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Watch Out For Falling Bricks of Foreshadowing: Hope and Liam are lost in each others’ lips as they bask in the afterglow of their own “connection” from the previous evening. They are both thrilled that Douglas is now old enough to keep watch over Beth while she plays (watch out for the brick of foreshadowing falling towards our heads…).

Hope is so happy their family is thriving…which makes her think of Steffy and her brood, but what about Sheila? Just then, Thomas arrives to see Douglas. He’s with Beth on the tennis court (a statement which elicited an audible giggle). In lieu of his son, Hope asks about Steffy and Finn. Thomas says Steffy’s situation with Finn has made him realize that life is short.

Just then Douglas and Beth arrive, fresh off their stint at the tennis court. Thomas gets excited and exits with Douglas. Liam reminds Hope that Thomas’ relationship with Douglas only exists because of her.

It was a quick play date as Thomas and Douglas return from a little game of catch. Douglas says he had fun, but says misses Thomas when he’s not around. Thomas scrambles for words as Hope looks around in a very uncomfortable manner. Thomas assures Douglas he is always thinking of him, (now that he has no mannequin on which to focus), even when he’s not around.

Reconnection Interrupted: Steffy greets a shirtless Finn in the beach house living room. They immediately discuss how amazing their “reconnection” was the previous night (and I assume into the early morning). Steffy proclaims how lucky the all are before losing herself in his lips.

When next we see them, the “reconnected” couple is basking in another afterglow, but now with clothes on. Knock,'s Li. Finn tells her that Hayes and Kelly are playing,  but security is watching over them. Just then, the phone rings with a call from Brooke asking everyone to come to the office to hear the update from Detective Sanchez.

Really? Seriously? Brooke is at Forrester when she receives a call from Detective Sanchez (where did he come from?) with an update on Sheila. He also wants to meet with Ridge. Brooke says she’ll try to gather the family. Detective Sanchez hangs up before giving her any information. 

Eric and Taylor arrive at Forrester, questioning Brooke about what news Detective Sanchez has for them. Steffy, Finn, and Li arrive are next with similar questions about the news surrounding Sheila.

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Eric is aghast at seeing Finn alive. Taylor says they have Li to thank for it, but takes the opportunity to ask why she kept everything a secret from Steffy. She says she would have done things differently had she to do it all over again (if you believe that, I also have a bridge to sell you…).

Detective Sanchez informs the group that Sheila has been located. He explains the last time they spotted her was on the cameras right outside the Sierras. He produces pictures and they all confirm Sheila’s identity. Detective Sanchez believes Sheila was killed by a bear (really?) because the DNA evidence is indisputable (again, really?).

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-Hope reminds him Douglas he has to finish his summer reading. Thomas feels bad hearing how much Douglas misses him. Thomas thinks Douglas is overlooked, but Hope and Liam reassure Thomas he seems settled in his beliefs (easy for him to say after leveraging Douglas to get into Hope’s pants).

-Thomas says he wants Douglas to live with him at Steffy’s beach house. Hope stops him short because she doesn’t want Douglas to overhear. Thomas agrees and leaves. Hope can’t believe that Thomas suddenly wants to discuss custody.

-Douglas reemerges to ask where Thomas is. He looks despondent when he learns that Thomas left THE SAME WAY HE GOES HOME EVERY TIME HE VISITS! Thomas lingers outside the door and says to no one in particular that Douglas will never doubt his father’s love again (what fresh hell is this sudden storyline?)

-Eric speaks for the audience when he throws down the picture and asks if this is for real. Everyone else in the room follows suit whilst Detective Sanchez clings to the truth of his DNA (has anyone ever introduced him to THE Sheila Carter?).

-Sanchez pulls out another piece of evidence which he believes to be Sheila’s finger (really?). They all look at each other and wonder if Sheila’s reign is really over (REALLY?). A flashback of Sheila’s history ensues…Is Sheila really dead? Is the nightmare over? Do you have enough money to buy this bridge I’m selling? 

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