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Perkie’s Observations: Jordan Unknowingly Blocks Portia From Awakening Oz on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 11, 2022
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General Hospital

Tanisha Harper

On today’s General Hospital recap: Spencer doesn't want to out those who helped him get out of Spring Ridge despite Sonny saying he should protect himself first. Spencer admits he has a lot of amends to make since he pretended to be in Esme's corner.

He asks Sonny to use his resources to find Esme and bring her back. He's worried that Trina's jury will return a guilty verdict. Sonny tells him he's doing what he can to help Trina.

Martin meets with Spencer and tells him if he names his accomplices, he'll get ten days at Spring Ridge. However if he doesn't, he'll do three months at Pentonville. Spencer doesn't seem concerned, but Martin says being Sonny's nephew may not help him. Martin points out that Laura would be upset, but Spencer says he's taking responsibility. Martin says he knows that Victor had someone on the inside and wonders if Spencer will flip on him. Spencer refuses and signs the papers that will send him off to Pentonville.

Maxie tells Austin that Spinelli has a thing for Britt, which surprises him. Austin wants help getting Georgie to like him and Maxie suggests they spend time together with her. Austin suggests a family trip, but Maxie's not sure if he's ready for that.

Austin gets a call, then tells Maxie there is an issue with his property in Pautauk and has to head out of town for a few days. Maxie offers to bring the kids to Pautauk so they can still have their family weekend and doesn't understand when Austin poo-poos the idea. Maxie insists he tell her what his trip is all about, but he deflects. 

Martin tells Lucy he has to leave town and wants her to go with him. He explains how Anna wants him to break privilege and Lucy questions what Anna has on him. Lucy is certain Martin can wiggle his way out of this until she hears that Anna wants information on Valentin. Lucy says she can't go anywhere with him.

Lucy joins Maxie, who tells her things seem off with Austin and wonders what was so important that he took off. Maxie worries that Austin is having second thoughts about their relationship. Austin gets a call from someone and tells them they're on their way. 

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Curtis and Portia head to Oz's room to wake him from his coma, only to be stopped by Jordan. She tells them how Rory is keeping watch and will let them know when Oz wakes up. Portia gets a little squirrelly trying to cover. Jordan takes them aside to let them know she hasn't been able to reach Esme and she seems to have skipped town. Jordan says even if Oz can testify against Esme, it might be hard to bring her to justice. Jordan tells them to leave things be. Rory will protect Oz.

Portia and Curtis are upset about Esme's disappearance and wonder where she could have gone. Portia complains that Oz's room is guarded and hopes to cause a distraction so Rory leaves his post. Curtis wants to help, but Portia doesn't want to involve him anymore and offers to do it on her own. Portia is certain she can get past Rory and administer the drugs to wake up Oz.

Trina and Josslyn sit by the pool, and spot Dex getting out of the pool. He comes over to say hi to Josslyn and meets Trina. After Dex walks away, Trina is curious how Josslyn knows him, but she deflects.

Dex calls Sonny. He wants to meet him, and says he met Trina and spoke with Josslyn. He doesn't think Josslyn told Trina about his meeting with the jury foreman. 

Sonny talks with Trina and tells her there are people pulling for her. He then asks to speak with Josslyn alone and tells her not to concern herself with what happened with Dex. Josslyn is aware about the jury tampering, but Sonny is certain she'd want to save Trina. Josslyn says she'll never forgive Sonny for what he did to Carly, but is grateful for what he's done for Trina.

Jordan questions Rory about his possible relationship with Trina and her parents. She reminds him that Oz is a key witness in the case and needs to know if it will be a problem for him. Rory promises to do his job and protect Oz. 

Portia gets a call from Diane that the jury is close to a verdict and decides she needs to wake up Oz...right now. Trina gets the same call and panics, telling Josslyn she thought she had more time.

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