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Days of Our Lives Recap: Will Thomas DiMera Be The Downfall of Leo Stark?

Days of Our Lives Recap For August 12, 2022
Thomas DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Cary Christopher

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Sibs at Mama’s Crib: Eric arrives at the penthouse looking for Marlena, but finds Belle instead. They quickly catch up and she informs him that she’s moving back in with Shawn Douglas. She knows their reconciliation will take time with everything they’ve been through. (Read: Jan Spears: The Mini-Series and Belle and EJ’s nekkid romps.)

Eric is thrilled for Belle, which leads to a conversation about Shawn D’s new partner at work, Jada. Eric informs Belle that Jada has moved in above the Brady Pub, and they’ve already gone out on a date. Belle is thrilled and Eric says they had a great time. They have a lot in common - especially since they are both divorced. 

Sibs at Uncle’s Crib: Sonny calls Chad to ask him to reconsider coming to work at Titan. He can find him another position besides the one Victor gave Alex…enter Alex. The brothers discuss how Uncle Victor is cold as ice and manipulative. Alex just wants to make sure Sonny isn’t mad at him. They get back to fighting as Alex thinks Sonny intimidates him. Sonny disavows him of what is probably true and reminds him that he is the boss (their brotherly vibe works). Alex tries to make amends by saying he loves Sonny and will defer to him as the boss, but Sonny is skeptical. To illustrate Sonny’s point, Alex continues to refer to him as “Sonny boy” - then says he wants to truly bond with him. They declare their love for one another and Alex departs.

Partners Get Personal: Shawn D. and Jada are at the Salem PD discussing what a pain in the butt DA Trask is. She’s pissed at the way they let Clyde go. Their conversation gets personal as Shawn D. tells Jada that he and Belle are giving things another try. She nods knowingly, explaining she has an ex-husband who didn’t live up to her expectations (who is Jada’s ex???).

An Unlikely Quad: Clyde explains to Nancy, Brady, and Chloe the person he bought the stolen jewelry from was just at The Brady Pub, but threw a drink in his face and left before he could find out who he was. They all determine this person could be Abigail’s killer and Clyde needs to tell the police. Forced into a corner, Clyde admits he knew the jewelry was “hot” before he “fenced” it for this man. He apologizes for his mistake, but doesn’t want to go back to prison.

Nancy is upset, but is less indignant about it than Brady or Chloe. Clyde explains that all he knows is the guy drinks wine and wears flowery suits - Chloe and Brady immediately identify the man as Leo Stark. Brady pulls out Leo’s “look book” and Clyde identifies him as the man he got Abigail’s stolen jewelry from. Nancy says Leo is the same man Craig left her for and giggles with glee.

Monotonous Marriage: Nicole and Rafe meet up to eat. They discuss the recent horror show of her robbery and the fatal shooting of Jake DiMera. Rafe explains how integral Jada was to the investigation. Nicole says Eric is fond of her as well - they’ve started dating. Rafe is understandably thrilled, but Nicole is less so. She thinks Jada renting a room above the pub could get sticky because they will be living right down the hall from each other (how many rooms are above the Brady Pub?)

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Sketchy Fairy: Chad and Thomas are hanging out in Horton Square when Leo walks by. Thomas points and identifies Leo as the Tooth Fairy he saw in the mansion the night of Abigail’s murder. Leo tries to run, but Chad grabs him. Leo insists that Thomas is mistaken and must have him confused with some other fairy (teehee). Chad keeps him there until Shawn D. and Jada arrive. Chad goes all Chad, screaming about how yet another person must have murdered Abigail (at this point, it might be easier for him to just go one by one through his contacts). 

Shawn D. and Jada escort Thomas, Chad, and Leo back to the station. Thomas tells Jada he remembers playing hide and seek with Charlotte, which is why he was in the tunnels. He saw a man who told him he was the Tooth Fairy. Thomas is afraid he’s getting the Tooth Fairy in trouble because he was told it was their secret. Randomly, the Tooth Fairy also requested breakfast - and Thomas obliged. He also reveals he told Abigail about him as well. Chad says he’s calling Jennifer to pick him up while he stays to chat with the Tooth Fairy.

Chad demands they arrest Leo because of Thomas’ testimony (no need for actual proof, right?). Shawn D. and Jada remind Chad they need to do this by the book, and Rafe is gone for the day. Chad continues to be Chad to the nth degree and calls Rafe to tell him that once again, Abigail’s killer is at the station. Rafe apologizes to Nicole and heads to the station.

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-Jada runs into Eric outside the Pub and explains they’ve caught a break in Abigail’s case. She says she can’t tell him any more. He understands since the information should be CONFIDENTIAL. (Paging Dr. Kayla Brady!) They go in to break bread for the second time that day.

-Belle returns home to Shawn D. They are both glad she’s home.

-Chloe knows how horrible Leo is, but questions whether or not he’s capable of murder. Brady agrees, but reminds her that he blamed Abigail just as much as them for breaking up his wedding to Craig. She’s still not sure he’s capable of that type of violence.

-Rafe quickly gets to the Salem PD and sits down to question Leo about Thomas’ story. Leo immediately asks the question most of us are curious about - why is Chad allowed to watch his interrogation? Rafe tells Chad to be quiet, but doesn’t ask him to leave (for the love…). He then asks Leo what he was doing in the DiMera tunnels. Leo quickly reminds Rafe that Thomas said he saw the Tooth Fairy, not him. Also, he’s going to leave because he’s not under arrest (as you should, Leo). Rafe quickly explains to Chad that Leo’s allowed to leave because there’s not enough evidence to hold him, let alone arrest him. Without evidence or a corroborating witness, there’s nothing Rafe can do. Just then, Clyde and Nancy arrive ready to blow up Leo’s life. 

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