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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Believes Cody's Claim That He's Dominique's Son on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 12, 2022
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Scotty Baldwin, General Hospital

Kin Shriner

On today’s General Hospital recap:

Portia insists she needs to wake Oz now so he can testify against Esme. She wants his testimony on record before the jury comes back with a verdict. Curtis doesn't want her to trade her freedom for Trina's. Curtis thinks they should stick to the original plan because he'll distract Rory while she goes into the room and Portia finally agrees. 

Dante's mad about Cody's behavior and drags him down to the station. Dante questions Cody's motives for coming to town, but Cody swears he hadn't heard of Scotty until a few months ago. Cody says Scotty's taken everything that is rightfully his, so when he saw him, he just lashed out. 

Cody explains he was raised by the Bells and the woman he thought was his mother passed away a few months ago. Cody says his mother told him on her deathbed that he was actually Dominique's son. Cody explains everything Dominique had went to Serena and Scotty, and doesn't believe Scotty had any idea about him. 

Scotty doesn't believe Cody's story. He tells Liesl and Britt that if Dominique had another child, she would have told him about it. They discuss the reasoning behind why Dominique would keep the truth about her son quiet. Scotty explains Dominique's history and Britt is surprised to hear there was a connection between Faison and Leopold Taub, Cody's father. Britt wonders if Cody is working an angle and questions if any of his story is true.

Scotty says there is no money for Cody to get. What money there was went to Serena who spent it on saving the whales. Britt offers to run a DNA test on Cody to prove he's Dominique's son, but Scotty turns her down, saying he now believes Cody is telling the truth. Liesl wonders what Scotty should do, but he says it's about what Dominique would want him to do.

Scotty heads to the police station and tells Dante that he's dropping the charges. Scotty tells Cody that he had no idea that Dominique had a son. She never told him.

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Previous General Hospital (GH) Recap: Jordan Unknowingly Blocks Portia From Awakening Oz

Jordan insists Rory tell her whether he can put his badge above his feelings for Trina. Rory assures her that he can and promises that no one will be allowed into Oz’s hospital room.

Trina heads to the hospital to check on Oz's condition. TJ tells her that bringing him out of the coma is a long process. Trina worries that if he doesn't wake up before the jury returns, she will be convicted. She asks if Oz can be brought around faster, but TJ says it could make things worse.

Jordan finds TJ inspecting Oz's chart and tells her there is a way to wake him up faster. He admits he considered using extreme measures to bring him out of the coma, but Portia stopped him.

Portia tries to get into the room, but Rory refuses her entry since her name isn't on the approved list. Portia does her best to convince Rory, but doesn't succeed.

Rory calls Jordan to let her know that Portia tried to get into the room to see Oz. Jordan says he did the right thing by stopping Portia.

Portia heads back to Curtis and Trina, and tells them that Rory is doing a great job of stopping anyone from going into the room. Jordan eavesdrops around the corner. Portia hugs Curtis and whispers to him that she'll try to get in the room another way, and asks him to take Trina away.

Trina thinks Portia was acting weird, but Curtis claims she's just distracted by her patient. Trina asks Curtis to promise to take care of Portia should the worst happen and she gets convicted. Curtis promises to get Portia to the courthouse the minute he hears the verdict is in.

Jordan gets into the elevator and after ruminating on everything everyone told her, pushes the alarm. Rory leaves his post to go and help, allowing Portia to go into Oz' room and inject him. 

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