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WATCH: B&B's Dan Martin on Sheila's Demise: "Sheila Causes You to be Suspicious" (VIDEO)

Dan Martin, who has had many run-ins with the Forresters, Logans, and Spencers while playing Lieutenant Baker on The Bold and the Beautiful, stopped by Bold Live August 12. He chatted with B&B supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk about the latest Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) investigation.

Although Baker wasn't the one to reveal that Sheila was mauled by a bear, does the character think the ex-nurse is really dead? Martin mused:

Well, Sheila causes you to be suspicious. Even just working with her on the set, I find myself watching her, not just watching Sheila, but watching Kimberlin become Sheila. The woman takes herself through her paces and then when she becomes Sheila and Sheila explodes, look out. She's a monster.

Martin responded to fan questions, including a query about why Detective Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) and not Baker was on the case. Kasprzyk wondered aloud whether the cops had argued at the station about who should handle the investigation, and Martin teased:

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You may find out something about it in the future.

Baker's son Charlie (Mykel Shannon Jenkins), a detective, appeared on the show, but what about the lieutenant's wife? Kasprzyk suggested that Martin's real-life wife, actress Ella Joyce, should play Baker's spouse on screen. Martin said with a laugh:

We could do that; we have great chemistry together.

Peep the full chat below.