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WATCH: General Hospital's Tabyana Ali and Brook Kerr Dish Robinson Family Challenges (VIDEO)

As the announcement of the verdict from Trina's (Tabyana Ali)'s trial looms on General Hospital, Portia (Brook Kerr) will risk everything to help exonerate her child. Michael Fairman TV sat down with the on-screen mother-daughter duo to get the scoop on their current storyline.

Ali has engaged audiences with Trina's declaration that she was going to do her best to show her innocence. Of those scenes, she said:

Well, I think, like everybody when they feel like they had their rock-bottom, eventually they're looking up and they're like, 'Oh, I see light, and I'm going to try my best. This is the last chance I got. And so I'm going to put everything that I got into at least climb whatever I need to climb to reach the light.' And for me, that's just how I saw that moment of Trina just being like,' You know what? I can't just stay right here; I can't just let this happen. I've got to do something; I've got to say something. I know the truth for myself, and though I don't want to get anybody else in trouble, I've got to save me at the end of the day and do what's right for me and my family.'

Meanwhile, Trina's undeniable chemistry with Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) is starting go from embers to flames. Ali talked about the long-simmering "Sprina" connection, saying:

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I think Trina is trying to do the smart thing and Rory [Michael Blake Kruse] is the smart thing, but Spencer is just what she wants. They've had a long history. I can't imagine just like, not even really hugging. Like, they're just now starting to get even romantic looks in, maybe, like, a slight shoulder tap. 

Spencer recently risked it all on the stand for Trina by providing her with an alibi. Has that changed Portia's opinion of him? Kerr shared:

Well, here's the thing; that was a huge thing he did and I feel like it was something that Portia definitely wouldn't...she definitely has to know that he took a huge step for Trina. But also, it's like, hmm, that might make Trina really, really fall harder, 'cause he's sacrificing for her. It was just like, hmm, what's the best for her in the long term?

Watch the full interview below.