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Josh Kelly Talks Cody's Mama Drama on General Hospital

Is newcomer Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) actually a member of a famous family on General Hospital? The Port Charles bad boy recently claimed to be the son of the late Dominique Taub Stanton Baldwin (Shell Danielson). Kelly dished Cody's family ties and spark with Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) to Soap Hub. 

Asked whether Kin Shriner, who played Dominique's husband Scotty, told him about Dominique's past, Kelly responded:

I don’t want to bother anyone unless I have to [at work]. Everyone has their own process. But, yes, Kin and I talked. We sat down, and he told me the story of Dominque and also my half-sister Serena [Baldwin, Carly Schroeder]. It’s fun to learn those things and delve into the backstory.

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While Cody's past is a bit of a mystery, his romantic future (with Britt) could be promising. Kelly said:

I think they both had a ‘wild child’ side to them. That appeals to Cody. He does have some ulterior movies, but I think he’s using them as an excuse to pursue her. He’s really attracted to her.

Now that Cody has apparently revealed his mama, who's the daddy? Kelly teased:

And I think we’ll think we know in the near future who [his dad] is…