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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Bill and Li Share Stories And Grow Closer

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for August 15, 2022
Bill Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Marone Family Values: The Marone family is still reeling from the news that Sheila is dead. Taylor is freaked out, which was not helped at all by Ridge pulling out a picture of Sheila’s grizzly appendage (really?). For some reason, Ridge thinks it’s funny and reminds them of Sheila’s threats to them are finally over (has Ridge met Sheila?).

Steffy agrees they should look toward a future where Ridge reunites with Taylor. Ridge is annoyed that Steffy is back to this very familiar trope. Taylor pushes Steffy and Thomas back, and asks them to leave them be.

Just then, Thomas gets a text about spending time with Douglas. Taylor thinks he should be able to do so whenever he wants since Douglas is Thomas’ son. He relays that Douglas questioned if Thomas misses him when they are not together. Thomas hates being away from Douglas. Steffy and Taylor agree he shouldn’t have to away from Douglas. Taylor says it’s time for Douglas to be with Thomas and Ridge nods in agreement. Steffy jumps in and says it was great of Hope and Liam to step in, but Thomas is his father (please tell me we’re not going to connect biology to family…). Thomas says he told Hope that Douglas should live with him. For some reason, Steffy and Taylor smile as if they are secretly thrilled.

Il Giardino: The Logan/Sharpe/Spencer crew is hanging out at Il Giardino also talking about Sheila’s alleged demise. Brooke also shows the crew a picture of Sheila’s grizzly appendage - why would Ridge send her that picture? Deacon is sad because she never became that person he thought she could be.

Brooke apologizes for interrupting their dinner, but Deacon doesn’t mind. Brooke goes to leave, but Deacon asks Hope to tell her about Thomas. Liam jumps in and details Thomas’ plans to take Douglas back to Eric’s house - where he will live in lieu of having his own humble abode. Hope is devastated as she thinks it’s taking Douglas out of his routine.

The Spencer Living Room: Li wishes Sheila could have spent the rest of her life in prison and Bill is in agreement. He tries to support her by reviewing how he found her so traumatized and how much better she is now. Bill doesn’t want to pressure her, but would love to be there for her. She can trust him. Li explains how she fought Sheila and how her car ended up in the water. Her survival instincts kicked in and she got free. She swam to shore, then explains how she was in the same state until Bill found her. Bill says he didn’t do anything, but it was Li’s resilience that saved her. He is not easily impressed, but admires and respects her. Li doesn’t know how to thank him for helping a complete stranger. Bill says walking away wasn’t an option. Li doubles down and says he went over and above. Bill is at least partially responsible for Finn’s rescue. Bill wonders about Jack - shouldn’t he be thrilled that Li is back?

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Side Note #1: Li had been living homeless in the alley for weeks? I’m so very confused.

Side Note #2: Why is Li still staying with Bill. She is a doctor with her own money. Make it make sense.

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-Bill asks about Jack and how he must have been worried sick. Li looks distressed, but says Jack’s feelings mean very little to her. She tells him about the issues with Jack and Sheila. It was an affair she might have gotten over had she not found out the way she did.

-Liam understands that Thomas cares for his son, but being with Hope is clearly the best thing for him. Deacon also thinks that Thomas should just stop and think. Brooke interrupts and wonders out loud if Thomas ever stops to think (Thank you, Brooke!). She admits Thomas has made improvements, but is he stable enough to care for Douglas on his own? (Is it possible that Thomas’ involvement with Sheila might come out in a custody fight?)

-Steffy and Taylor can’t understand why Hope wouldn’t immediately jump at the opportunity to have Douglas removed from her home. When Thomas says she didn’t want Douglas to overhear, Taylor (the therapist) thinks it was manipulative because Douglas might have come out to say that he wanted to live with Thomas (WTF?). Ridge says they should do what’s best for Douglas - which Taylor and Steffy believe means being with Thomas. (Why is this being written like Thomas didn’t basically give Douglas to Hope to try to get into her drawers?) Steffy acknowledges how good Hope was for Douglas while Thomas was “working on himself,” but now he’s better.

Side Note: Douglas wasn’t staying with Hope. Hope didn’t somehow get custody of Douglas. Hope LEGALLY adopted Douglas because Thomas offered him up as bait.

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