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Days of Our Lives Recap: Lucas Tells Kate He's Heading to Prison For Kidnapping Sami

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 16, 2022
Lucas Horton, Days of Our Lives

Bryan Dattilo

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton Square: Kate advises Lucas to plead insanity, but he claims he knew what he was doing. Lucas tells her he changed his plea to guilty. Kate is upset the lawyer on HER payroll didn't inform her. When Kate pushes, Lucas admits Allie influenced him about his accountability.

Lucas says he wants to move forward and regain Allie's trust. Kate tries to understand, but is even more concerned that Lucas has already been sentenced. He explains he pleaded guilty to second degree kidnapping and will have a three year sentence. Kate questions why she's there and he tells her he has to say goodbye. Kate says she's proud of Lucas and hugs him. Lucas makes a call to Allie. 

Brady Pub: Abe and Paulina pop in for a chat with Roman. Paulina explains she's looking for his opinion on Abe running for governor. Roman wonders if Abe is really interested and thinks the decision is up to him.

Paulina shifts the conversation to Roman forgiving Kate. Roman says Paulina's ambushing him, but she takes up Kate's cause. Roman claims he understands why Kate was protecting Lucas and explains his history with Eric, and how he let him take responsibility for his DUI. Paulina still thinks finding love at their age is worth making the extra effort. Roman won't budge as long as Lucas is coddled by Kate, who is demanding his freedom.

Kate comes in and she wants to talk to Roman. She tells him that Lucas is off to prison. Kate says she'll accept her part and will plead guilty as an accessory after the fact. She decides to leave that with Roman, Abe, and Paulina to chew on.

Bistro: Chanel and Allie question Alex about they type of women he likes, just as Gabi walks in. Allie introduces them, but Alex recognizes her. Alex and Gabi chit chat about their connection to Arianna. Gabi accepts Alex's offer for a drink. When Alex heads to the bar, Gabi and Chanel fan-girl with each other about their love for the others' business brands.

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Alex returns and flirting via business chat ensues. Gabi eventually leaves and Alex proposes the trio continue their night under a hot shower. Chanel turns him down, so Alex departs for the bar. Just as the gals talk about Alex and his proposal, Allie gets a call from Lucas.

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Salem Inn: Chloe tells Brady that Leo is under investigation, but questions if he's capable of murder. Talk turns to Rachel and Kristen, and how Brady has to navigate custody. He and Chloe talk about the prospect of Kristen kidnapping Rachel. Chloe tells him Kristen won't go anywhere unless Brady follows her. Brady assures Chloe that Kristen won't come between them and they have sex.

Rolf's Secret Lab: Kristen is looking for Rolf, but runs in to Li and wonders what he's doing in the lab. Li claims he just discovered that DiMera was funding this lab off the books. Kristen hears the alarm on Stefan's machinery, but is able to keep him alive. She accuses Li of purposely "unplugging" him. Li claims he's the reason Stefan's alive and says he helped Rolf keep it under wraps to keep the family from being too hopeful.

Kristen deduces Li changed his mind when he got involved with Gabi because she'd dump him for Stefan. Kristen takes control of her brother's care and wants him awake...NOW.

Li and Kristen talk about her plan to torment Chloe, but Li has suggestions to make her work easier...and it involves Stefan. He reminds Kristen about Stefan and Chloe, and thinks they could reignite his feelings. Kristen points out it would also free Stefan from Gabi. Li agrees saying, "two birds, one stone."

When alone, Kristen tells Stefano he'd be her favorite brother if he could bust up Chloe and Brady for good.

Another part of the Salem Inn: Gabi runs into Li, who tells snows Gabi about what he was really up to this evening.

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