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Perkie’s Observations: Elizabeth Tells Finn His Concern is Neither Desired Nor Required on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 15, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today’s General Hospital recap: Portia injects Oz, which triggers an alarm. Liz comes in and lets Portia know that he seems to be waking up. When Oz wakes up and answers Liz's questions, Portia asks for a chance to speak with him alone. Portia tells Oz she's Trina's mother and wants him to tell her who did this to him.

Jordan's stuck in the elevator and reassures everyone he's fine. Eventually, maintenance gets her out.

Diane calls Trina to come down to the courthouse for the verdict. Jordan orders Rory to drive Trina home to change and get her to the courthouse.

Jordan and Curtis get to Oz's room in time to find Portia yelling at him to tell her who did this. Oz says he wants a lawyer before he gives a statement.

Spencer tells Nikolas and Victor he turned down Martin's plea deal because they wanted him to name names. Nikolas isn't happy that Spencer's covering for Victor. Spencer mentions Sonny's offer to have his men keep an eye on him, which also doesn't sit well with Nikolas. Victor is grateful for Spencer's discretion and Spencer asks him to find Esme. 

Alone, Nikolas chastises Victor for putting his own interests ahead of Spencer's. Victor asks about Esme, but Nikolas claims she must have left town after things broke off with Spencer. Victor says he promised Spencer he'd find her, but Nikolas claims he paid her off to leave. Victor continues to push how he wants to find her to help Spencer until Nikolas admits that Esme is dead.

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Finn checks in with Terry about Elizabeth’s condition, telling her about the episode in the stairwell. He believes her issues are bigger than her sleep problems. Finn asks if Terry remembers anything from Elizabeth’s past that would be a trigger now.

Elizabeth walks in and is not amused to find them talking about her. Elizabeth insists she's fine and nothing is going on, and wants to move on. Finn brings up her parents, which angers her. Elizabeth warns him if he brings this up again, they're done, since she can't be with someone who won't respect her boundaries

Josslyn updates Cameron, who's concerned for Spencer. Dex interrupts to ask Josslyn about Trina. Josslyn introduces the two of them. When Dex leaves, Cameron figures Dex is interested in her, which Josslyn vehemently denies. Josslyn tells Cameron about finding Dex talking to the jury foreman.

Trina heads to the courthouse, as does Spencer for support, which does not sit well with Taggert. Diane gets a call from Curtis and tells the judge she has new evidence. DA Arden objects, saying it's too late to bring in new evidence. Diane counters the verdict hasn't been read, which means she can bring up new information. Diane and DA Arden go back and forth, but the judge is not interested in a last minute witness who hasn't even been medically cleared.

Josslyn is surprised to see Dex in the courthouse, but he's laser focused on the jury foreman, who's ready to read the verdict.

(What did William Lipton do to piss off TPTB? Cameron is let out of the unused closet for a 5 minute scene where Josslyn passively-aggressively chastises him again for keeping the secret about Spencer and then to be introduced to Josslyn's new love interest Dex. Then is not at the courthouse for the verdict on a case where he is also a victim. What the heck, show!)

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