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Perkie's Observations: Trina is Freed by Oz's Last Minute Testimony on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 16, 2022
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Tabyana Ali

On today’s General Hospital recap: Jordan tells Portia and Curtis that Oz is willing to testify he sold the phone to Esme, provided they offer him a good deal. She says he's being transported to the courthouse.

Robert arrives to stop the jury proceedings, telling the judge that a new witness has come forward and is on their way. DA Arden argues against it (seriously, what's wrong with this woman?) while Diane reminds the judge the verdict has not been read yet.

Robert tells the judge that Oz has come out of his coma and is being brought to the courthouse. The judge agrees to hear the testimony and Oz is wheeled in. Diane has Oz testify that Trina and Josslyn met him at the bar and he sold the phone to Esme. Oz testifies he never sold Trina a phone. DA Arden agrees to drop all charges and the courtroom celebrates.

Josslyn questions Spencer on when he will tell Trina the truth about why he switched to her side at the last hour.

Trina thanks Curtis for being in her corner and looking for Oz. Taggert thanks Jordan, who promises that Esme is going down. Rory congratulates Trina as Spencer watches. Ava overhears Curtis tell Portia that Jordan is headed to Wyndemere to find Esme.

Nikolas claims he killed Esme, but Victor wants details and Nikolas initially refuses. Victor insists, so Nikolas tells him what happened between Ava and Esme. He claims he was the one who pushed Esme off the parapet and hasn't found her body. Victor points out that Esme may not be dead. Nikolas says he has searched and hasn't found her.

Victor doesn't believe him and thinks Nikolas is trying to protect someone, which Nikolas denies. Victor tells him to go to the police, but Nikolas refuses. Victor pushes, so Nikolas amends his story to the was Ava was on the parapet when Esme went over.

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Victor understands why Nikolas protected Ava, but says she's now a threat and needs to be eliminated. Nikolas says he'll kill Victor if he does something to Ava. Victor says Esme could turn up and go to the police, but Nikolas disagrees. Victor says if Esme is dead she'll wash up and the evidence will point to Ava. He says Nikolas will be an accomplice and has to turn Ava in, or he will. Nikolas manages to convince Victor to back off, but warns Nikolas that his story needs to be airtight. Victor says all of Esme's things need to be destroyed.

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Sonny invites Nina for dinner, but Olivia gets her panties in a bunch. Sonny wants them all to behave like adults. (Imagine Sonny Corinthos being the voice of reason. Eeesh.) Olivia claims the restaurant is fully booked and won't cancel a paying customer to accommodate Nina. Sonny and Nina agree to have their meal at the bar. Sonny gets a call and has to cut their dinner short. He explains to Nina that things will be different than in Nixon Falls. Sonny gets information from Brick about Dex and heads out to meet up with him.

Carly and Michael decorate the pool area for a surprise party to celebrate Willow's graduation. Drew stops by to help out. Olivia interrupts to let Carly know that Sonny and Nina are having dinner. (GASP having dinner together....the horror and evilness of it all.)

Carly says she's over Sonny and he can do whatever he wants. She says she has all she needs here, pointing out Drew with Michael and Wiley. Olivia gets all high schooler pointing out that Drew is cute, but Carly is quick to shut down that she has any feelings for Drew.

Drew tells Michael he met with Valentin and is hopeful he'll give ELQ back to them. Michael is grateful for Drew and everything he's done.

Willow meets with Britt and Terry to discuss the results of her biopsy. Terry tells Willow that she has leukemia, which overwhelms her. Willow points out it's a difficult illness to treat. Terry agrees with her, but says they caught it early. Willow wants to know what it means for the baby.

Britt agrees the pregnancy complicates things and mentions treatment is usually delayed until the second trimester. Britt admits chemo can be detrimental to the development of the fetus. Terry wants to run a few more tests to figure out their treatment plan as soon as possible, but Willow still can't face it all. Willow heads to the pool and is surprised at the party that Michael is throwing for her.

Nikolas hands Victor Esme's suitcase as Jordan comes to the door. Victor hides the suitcase while Jordan hands Nikolas a search warrant.

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