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Robert Scott Wilson on Days of Our Lives' Peacock Move: "It's Just a No-Brainer"

Robert Scott Wilson, Days of Our Lives

Robert Scott Wilson (Alex/ex-Ben, Days of Our Lives) is opening up about the soap's upcoming shift from NBC to Peacock. He chatted with Soap Opera Digest's Dishing with Digest podcast about the big move.

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Wilson noted:

For me, it's just a no-brainer. Other than the point that I had said, that it happened sooner than expected, we're ready to go. You know, we've done a few shows that went to Peacock already; this is not 2013, 2014 with All My Children, where...the whole world is in a different place with streaming. We were the first ones through the wall and we got pretty bloodied doing it, but we were able to do it, and there was belief in that, you know, ten years ago. We're at ten years later; almost every TV is even easier to get to Peacock and most people are just streaming content.

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Of streaming DAYS, he reflected:

It makes it even easier. You know, there's something that we've become a product of habit, creatures of habit, and we put on NBC every day and we leave it or we put on CBS every day and we leave it. It's been easy. It's just as easy. 

There are other benefits, too. Wilson explained:

And you don't have to worry about recording it; it's already there. It's just easier and ultimately all the big players, every big show, is streaming now. It's the name of the game, so we get to play in that genre now and be a part of the new wave, take the history of DAYS and move it to the new generation, which is streaming, and it's such a blessing for the show, you know, gives it that longevity. So we've just got to make sure that everybody knows where to find us and that nothing else changes. And we got new cameras, so there's that, so it's going to look even better.

Listen to the full interview here.