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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor and Chance Have a Tense Confrontation

The Young and the Restless Recap for August 15, 2022
Victor Newman, The Young and the Restless

Eric Braeden

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Kevin Comes Through: Kevin and Chance meet at Crimson Lights to discuss EVIDENCE IN AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION. He was able to put together the missing video footage showing someone getting behind the wheel of Ashland’s car. He was smoking a cigarette, which means it wasn’t Ashland. They also know that one of Victor’s goons is a smoker. 

Newman Family Values: Nikki and Nicholas are talking about Chance’s investigation. Nikki says what Victor did doesn’t negate Ashland’s villainous behavior. Nicholas is furious at Victor because they are now all complicit…enter Victor. Before they can get into it, Nicholas takes a phone call about a Newman business deal. Victor is impressed that Nicholas can handle two things at once. Victor can’t help himself and follows his compliment by saying he hopes Nicholas has grown up, and won’t bring his usual self-righteous attitude to his business and personal interactions.

Abby arrives at Newman with a care package for Victoria. She apologizes for all the calls and texts she has been ignoring. (Abby must be used to being ignored by now. Victoria says she feels like she can breathe again now that Ashland is gone. Abby reminds Victoria she can tell her anything. Victoria very quickly starts in on a story of what happened with Ashland (but is also dramatized and embellished). She throws in that Ashland went to attack her, Nicholas intervened, and punched him - leading to him hitting his head (is that what happened?). She then shifts to the real purpose of wasting her time on Abby…why is Chance continuing with this investigation? Victoria continues to lie directly to Abby’s face in hopes she will talk Chance down. 

Chance arrives to show Victor the footage that Kevin reconstructed. Victor doesn’t recognize the cigarette smoking man getting into Ashland’s vehicle. Chance reminds Victor they have the cigarette butt and are running it for DNA. Victor plays coy and wisely doesn’t directly answer any questions. He thinks Chance is wasting his time, but plays along. Let’s pretend his theory is correct and Victor was trying to protect Nicholas and Victoria…what if Victor had done the same when Abby was awaiting Dominic’s birth and Chance was out of the country? (Referencing Stitch’s bizarre kidnapping of Mariah - I think. This dialogue is a little convoluted.) Chance is irritated at Victor for playing fast and loose with the law. Victor thinks Chance needs to develop a better sense of family.

Crimson Lights Catch Up: Mariah and Faith have been shopping for Faith’s dorm room. Sharon reminds them how small a dorm room is. Just then, Tessa arrives having been cleared by her doctor to talk a little bit. As they begin to celebrate, Mariah begs off to go to work at Jabot. She explains she recently became the head of PR, along with marketing (really?). Mariah also drops he’ll be working directly with Diane Jenkins. After Mariah leaves, Faith gets a text to meet Moses - leaving Sharon and Tessa alone. 

Tessa is scared thinking she still may never sing again. Tessa says that Mariah approached Kyle about being a brand ambassador for Marchetti. Sharon is thrilled as she did the same for Jabot back in the day. Tessa thinks it’s a sympathy job. Sharon doesn’t think there is any way Kyle and Summer would offer her a job if they didn’t think she could do it. Sharon says this new job will do nothing but increase her exposure and presence in the music industry.

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Society: Phyllis and Summer are finishing a work lunch at Society. Summer grabs the check from Phyllis, as it will go on her expense account. They are headed to Marchetti to get Phyllis settled in. Summer wants her to succeed, so she reminds her to stay away from Diane. Phyllis promises to give Diane a “wide berth” and not screw up this very important career opportunity and not to be ruined by some “back from the dead zombie trash.” (Okay, that was funny.)

Burial Ground Park: Diane and Jack are sitting next to J.T.’s former grave watching Harrison play. Jack takes a closer look at Harrison when Kyle arrives. He’s a little thrown off seeing Jack and Diane together. He watches them be uncomfortably flirty when Kyle suggests they head back to work. When Jack begs off,

Tension: Kyle and Diane arrive at Jabot to find Summer and Phyllis talking in the hallway - just then, Mariah arrives. (Is it me or has it been a REALLY long time since we’ve seen that hallway outside Jack’s office?) Mariah knew Phyllis was coming aboard, but wasn’t quite so clear she would be working so closely with all of them. Mariah asks Diane if she wants to meet NOW and they exit (the uncomfortable tension amongst all of them was delicious).

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-Nicholas and Nikki enter Crimson Lights. Sharon gets them coffee and Nikki wonders how much she knows. Nicholas says Sharon knows everything. The responsibility of causing someone’s death is a lot to carry around. Nikki says Nicholas acted in self-defense (again, not what happened) and has nothing to feel guilty about. Just then, they both get a text from Victor, who wants to meet them at the ranch.

-Phyllis signs her final piece of paperwork to become an official Marchetti employee. Kyle thanks Phyllis for doing her best to work with Diane (really?). Before they can show her to her office, Summer exits to chat with Kyle, leaving Phyllis to inform her co-conspirators that she’s officially in place.

-Nicholas, Nikki, and Victoria arrive at the ranch to talk to Victor. He tells them about Chance’s discovery of the video footage. Nicholas wonders what Chance knows and how close he is to implicating all of them.

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