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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Thomas Asks Eric if He and Douglas Can Move in

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap For August 16, 2022
Thomas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Matthew Atkinson

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Marone Mess: Steffy is relating her worry that her kids were going to grow up without a father to Thomas’ situation with Douglas (for the love…). Ridge says it isn’t the same thing, but Thomas reminds them that Douglas misses him. Steffy says the Logans have taken enough from them. It’s time to fight for their family.

Side Note: Get ready for a lot of these in the coming weeks…Thomas asked Hope to adopt Douglas and she agreed so he would have a mother. This dialogue is infuriating!

Taylor understands Steffy’s sense of urgency, but doesn’t want her to push. Steffy thinks everything is about family. Thomas says they are Forresters and want Douglas to understand what that means (doesn’t he mean Marones?). Ridge looks concerned, but Taylor assures him she’ll take care of everything. With that, Taylor and Steffy exit.

Ridge says he supports Thomas, but wants to make sure Douglas is taken care of. Thomas wants to know if he can move in with Douglas the Forrester homestead (good grief). Just then, Eric arrives.

Thomas asks if he and Douglas can move in with him. Eric would love it, but wonders why Douglas would be moving away from Hope and Liam? Thomas loves how Hope took over the role of Douglas’ mother while Thomas worked through some things. He has now learned how to be a REAL PARENT, which is what Douglas needs (because his legal mother isn’t a “real” parent?).

Thomas also wants Douglas to learn all of Eric's wisdom (I wonder what Donna will think of this arrangement?). Eric says he would love nothing more than for Douglas and Thomas to stay with him (how quickly will Brooke be paying Eric a visit?).

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Steffy and Taylor return to the beach house. Finn has a follow-up appointment (I wonder what a post-resurrection follow-up appointment entails…). Taylor thinks they should talk about how proud they are of Thomas. She follows up by saying she is appreciative of Hope’s help, but Douglas should live with his father (HOPE IS HIS LEGAL MOTHER!). Steffy thinks Douglas isn’t the only member of the family who needs to come back into the fold.

Logan Lunch: Brooke is at Il Giardino when Hope returns to the table. They discuss how Hope didn’t expect Thomas to ask for Douglas to live with him. Brooke says despite any progress he has made, Thomas isn’t in a position to be Douglas’ only parent. Hope says she would never deprive Douglas of his father, but Thomas hasn’t been the most stable human being. Brooke doesn’t think Thomas is ready and thinks they must stop Thomas from pursuing this particular avenue. Hope doesn’t understand why all this is happening. She’s never restricted Thomas from being with Douglas. Brooke promises to talk to Ridge to stop Thomas (Oh Brooke…).

Betrayal Based Bonding: Li tells Bill about how lies in her marriage led to destruction. Bill concurs that betrayal has consequences. He admits that he has seen both sides of that coin. Li agrees not to lump him in with Jack. Li can’t forgive Jack for keeping someone as dangerous as Sheila a secret. She’ll never be able to trust him again. Bill thinks it’s obvious Finn got his courage and backbone from Li. She thanks him, but says she doesn’t want to over stay her welcome. He explains that he is living alone as Katie isn’t actually his wife and his sons live away from his home. Bill goes on to explain that he and Katie haven’t been together for quite a while. He and Katie didn’t always see eye to eye. A problem he doesn’t think he will have with Li.

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-Ridge is thinking through the last few hours when Brooke suddenly arrives at Forrester. They both think they need to get things out in the open. Ridge thinks they need to talk about Monaco, which surprises Brooke. Ridge explains that he and Taylor got swept up in all of the drama and trauma of the moment. He continuously repeats that Finn came back from the dead - and darkness was lifted. They got lost in all the emotion and he kissed Taylor.

-Li thinks she and Bill both love their sons. She also thinks he clearly has compassion for complete strangers. Bill assures her he doesn’t often do what he did for her. She remembers how many people looked away when she was struggling. He saved her life and Finn’s. She embraces him and they look at each other somewhat longingly.

-Steffy thinks their family has been fractured for far too long. She thinks it is so obvious how much Taylor and Ridge love one another. As Steffy attends to the tea kettle, Taylor reminisces about the kiss in Monaco. 

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