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Perkie’s Observations: Victor Pulls a Fast One to Redirect Jordan's Investigation on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 17, 2022
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Victor Cassadine, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

On today’s General Hospital recap: Spencer tells Trina he's going to Pentonville for three months, but it is worth it. Trina wants to know what caused Spencer's change of heart. Before Spencer can offer an explanation of why he came forward now, Rory arrives to pick up Trina. Trina says she wishes he had come forward sooner for both of their sakes.

Josslyn blames Spencer for enabling Esme, but Spencer says he needed to be the one to help Trina out of this mess because he loves her. Cameron tells him it's time to tell Trina the truth.

Rory tells Trina he wants to see where this thing between them goes. She kisses him and Spencer sees them. The two make plans to date. Spencer tells Cameron and Josslyn he didn't tell Trina anything and never will. Josslyn feels Spencer should still come clean with Trina, but he disagrees. He says it won't make Trina happy to hear the truth.

Portia and Curtis celebrate their win, and Portia is grateful for everything Curtis did finding Oz. Rory and Trina join them in the celebration.

Sonny accuses Dex of lying to him about his military career. Sonny says he found out that Dex was discharged after an attack on a superior officer. He says he can't expect Dex to respect his organization's chain of command and says Dex deliberately misled him.

Dex explains that his superior officer was terrible, and he used to smack his wife and kids around. He claims he stood up for his family that one day. He was offered a discharge to keep things quiet and took it. Sonny understands, but still accuses Dex of lying to him and needs time to think if he's worth all the trouble.

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Willow gets emotional when everyone shows up for her party and runs off. Michael finds her on the balcony and she claims its hormones. She reassures Michael she's fine and returns to the party.

TJ seeks out Willow to check on her. Willow tells him the biopsy confirms she has leukemia. Willow is grateful that TJ pushed for more tests so they know what's wrong. She adds she's going in tomorrow to figure out a treatment plan with Terry and Britt. TJ says she needs to tell Michael, but Willow wants one last good night with Michael before everything changes.

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Nina points out the Metro Court kitchen is for employees only, which Carly is not. Carly says she was picking up the cake for Willow's graduation party. Nina says she's not interested in banning Carly from the hotel, who says she can go anywhere she wants since she's Olivia's friend.

Nina says they have to co-exist since they'll be in each other's lives. The two argue back and forth, and Nina wants them to be civil for Donna's sake. Carly (who's co-parenting Avery, I might remind her) is quick to tell Nina she won't be having a relationship with Donna. Carly says Nina did this to herself and deserves everything she's getting. Carly heads back to the party and tells Olivia about Nina, but she's done with Sonny and is ready to move on with her life. Drew tells her that Mia reached out with an opportunity in Aruba, but Drew isn't available to go with her.

Jordan shows Nikolas the warrant to search the premises for anything leading to Esme. Jordan explains what happened in court and how Esme is now a person of interest. She wants answers from Nikolas, but he claims he hasn't seen Esme in a few days and has no idea where she went. Ava arrives in time to claim she was the last one to see Esme before she left. Ava tells Jordan that Esme had a suitcase with her and will likely disappear for a while.

Jordan gets a call and ends the search. She tells Nikolas and Ava that Esme posted a rant on social media trashing Trina's acquittal and the IP address came from the south of France. She's going to notify the authorities there.

Ava's worried that with Esme in France she can ruin both their lives, but Victor disagrees and tells her that he knows everything. Victor says he had an old agency friend hack into Esme's account and post as her. Victor tells Nikolas and Ava they have to present a united front.

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