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WATCH: Natalie Morales Gives Scoop on Y&R Guest Role (VIDEO)

Natalie Morales, The Talk

The Talk'Natalie Morales is bringing real life to the "reel" world by playing a journalist on The Young and the Restless. She spoke to TV Insider about her character, investigative reporter Talia Morgan, whom Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) enlist to dig up dirt on Diane (Susan Walters).

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Who is Talia Morgan, exactly? Morales dished:

She is, I mean, at the top of her game when it comes to investigative reporters. She is the name that everybody knows. She's always got a byline in the biggest newspapers and she really, really digs deep and finds very compelling stories about people. And in this case, she has been, I guess you could say roped into—although Talia's very smart; she's never going to get completely roped into—but she's very intrigued by what Phyllis and Nikki are planning with Diane Jenkins.

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And Diane Jenkins, as you know, faked her own death. Now she's returned all of a sudden to Genoa City. Everybody's asking, 'What was she doing over the last ten years and what really happened to Diane?' So Phyllis and Nikki, it's on them. Nikki, for the longest time, was led to believe that she had something to do with Diane's death, so she has a little bit of a vengeance plan when it comes to Diane.

What type of reporter is Talia? Morales explained:

You know, Talia likes to see all sides, as most reporters and journalists do. She knows there's always a hidden agenda, so she's trying to figure out what the agenda really is, but at the same time, it's pretty clear. I mean, Nikki and Phyllis are very obvious in their unscrupulous ways, you could say. That said, she's also very intrigued by Diane and Diane's story. You know, she was led at first to believe she was going to do a story about Ashland Locke [Robert Newman], and after his death, she realizes that according to Phyllis and to Nikki, there is a bigger story with Diane Jenkins and what happened to her and where she was hiding and what was she really doing all those years.

Watch the full interview below.