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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: If Deacon’s Storage Closet is Rockin' Don’t Come Knockin'

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for August 17, 2022
Deacon Sharpe, The Bold and the Beautiful

Sean Kanan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Should This Marriage Be Saved: Ridge says he had to tell Brooke about the intimate moment he shared with Taylor. Brooke assumes Taylor kissed him, and he lets her know they kissed each other (let the hypocrisy ensue…). Brooke is thrown by Ridge’s behavior (really?). He says it wasn’t planned. It just happened (hmmm, that sounds familiar). Brooke hops on the hypocrisy train and says he didn’t kiss a stranger. Taylor is the mother of (some of) his children. She appreciates his honesty, but his actions have hurt and disappointed her. She goes on to ask what kind of a kiss it was (good question, Brooke.). Ridge plays dumb and says he doesn’t understand the question. He assures Brooke the feelings he has for Taylor aren’t the same as those he has for her. They kiss and make up (take a lesson, Ridge). Now that they’ve settled the kissing issue, Brooke moves on to discuss Thomas and Douglas.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Steffy put the kids to sleep, and Taylor reminisces about when Steffy and Thomas were kids. Steffy says their time as a family doesn’t have to be a part of the past. Taylor is sure that Brooke is doing her best to maintain Ridge’s attention. She is both impressed and exhausted by Steffy’s efforts to reunite her with Ridge. Taylor tells Steffy that Thomas is on the way to talk to Hope about Douglas. She then says how proud she is of all Thomas’ progress (how quickly we forget…)… and then we return to the Monaco kiss (for the love…).

Tug of War: Thomas arrives at the cabin to speak with Hope about Douglas. Thomas says he doesn’t mean to upset Hope, but thinks Douglas should live with him - his father (I really wish Hope would say, “you mean as opposed to where he lives now - with his mother?). She really doesn’t want to talk about the situation and doesn’t understand why things need to change. Thomas says he has to take a bigger role in Douglas’ upbringing. He needs to be his son’s primary parent. They need to be together. Hope maintains that uprooting Douglas is a mistake. Thomas tells her that Eric agreed to let them live with him.

Daddy Needs Some Action: Deacon is having a drink at the Il Giardino bar. The bartender begins to speak for the audience about Deacon drinking when he interrupts him saying, “all work and no play makes Deacon a dull boy.” The bartender continues spilling the gossip about Sheila being dead. Deacon immediately pours another, very stiff, drink. As he takes a gulp, the bartender (who seems incredibly informed) reminds Deacon of his appointment the next day with his parole officer. Deacon says he wouldn’t do anything that would land him back in prison. Just then, a red head in glasses enters the restaurant, and Deacon gives her the once over.

The bartender urges Deacon to call it a night, but he’s too intrigued by the mysterious red head. Deacon says maybe it’s wishful thinking that she’s into him because IT HAS BEEN A WHILE SINCE DADDY’S HAD ANY ACTION!!! (Everything!) The bartender says he’s definitely feeling the vibe between them.

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When next we see Deacon, he is in the bizarre storage closet he calls home (can’t Hope loan him some money?). He hears a knock on the door and finds the mysterious red head on the other side.

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-The mysterious red head enters Deacon’s storage closet and he removes her glasses, pins her against the wall, and kisses her - as she removes his shirt. Deacon puts her on the desk and pushes up her skirt. They head over to the couch and go to town.

-Thomas is grateful to Hope and Liam for parenting Douglas. He can’t stomach Liam being Douglas’ father. He wants Douglas to spend the night with him at Eric’s tomorrow night. Hope is upset when Thomas asks her not to fight him on this decision.

-Steffy begs Taylor not to give up on Ridge. Taylor says she’s done being passive and believes in her feelings for Ridge.

-Ridge informs Brooke that he supports Thomas and Douglas moving in with Eric. Brooke acknowledges that Thomas has been bonding with Douglas, but…Ridge interrupts (as is his want) and says it’s time for Douglas to learn about being a Forrester (Marone?), his legacy, and his birthright (birthright? really?). Ridge assures Brooke he won’t let Thomas backslide. Brooke reminds Ridge that Hope is his mother - SHE ADOPTED HIM (thank you!). She thinks Thomas is endangering Douglas’ stability and she won’t allow it. 

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