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Perkie's Observations: Pieces of Liz's Fragmented Memory Start to Return on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 18, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today’s General Hospital recap: Ned finds Brook Lynn with a box of his old costumes showing Leo old photos of his days as a rockstar. Talk turns to Chase and his singing, but Ned warns Brook Lynn a singing career takes time to build. She mentions how Linc managed to get Chase a gig at The Savoy. Ned's not happy, but Brook Lynn wants her father's support. Chase arrives and tries on a bunch of the outfits, but doesn't find anything worthy. Ned has his own outfit for Chase, a shirt buttoned down to the navel and tight leather pants from the closet of "Eddie Maine". (Uhm, Chase is not ugly. Just sayin'.)

Lucy interrupts a lunch between the Cassadine men and Anna, and mentions that Martin's gone out of town. Anna joins Lucy alone and asks her where Martin went, but Lucy's angry that Anna drove Martin away. Lucy threatens to tell Valentin that Anna is investigating him, but Anna stops her. Lucy tells Anna to look into Victor. Meanwhile, Victor tells Valentin that the family is under siege and he needs to be careful about Anna.

Britt checks in on Scotty, who warns her to stay away from Cody. Scotty says he didn't press charges because Cody is Dominique's son, but Scotty also believes Cody is here to get something .

Liz and Scotty discuss Cody's connection to Katherine Bell and Scotty believes Cody is a money-grubber like Katherine was. Scotty makes a comment about Cody's father, which prompts Liz to mutter something about terrible parents, which causes Scotty to ask about hers. This angers Liz, who tells him to back off. Liz apologizes just as quickly, and mentions finding Terry and Finn talking about her. Scotty assures her that everyone wants to make sure she's fine, which she claims she is.

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Lucy runs into Scotty, who has something to tell her about Dominique.

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Maxie tells Britt that Spinelli has a crush on her, but she's convinced him not to pursue it. Maxie asks about Cody and Britt tells her his connection to Dominique. Britt says she doesn't want the drama that's happening between Cody and Scotty. Maxie wants Britt to give Cody a chance.

Olivia is grateful that Cody is in town and back in Dante's life since things have been difficult for Dante the past few years. Cody tells her about being Dominique's son, but swears it's not why he came to town. Olivia has no concerns about Cody staying at the Quartermaines.

Dante wonders what Cody is hiding. Cody swears he's on the up and up, and won't bring problems to the Quartermaines. Dante says Cody went to bat for him all those years ago and never thanked him, which Britt overhears as she arrives. Cody claims it was silly camp stuff from years ago. Britt tells Cody that she's not happy he hit Scotty, since he's Liesl's boyfriend. Cody wonders if he's worth a second chance.

The Chase-Finn family hang out by the pool and Chase tells his father his concerns about his possible new career. Gregory offers Chase money and calls it a loan.

Gregory asks Finn about Liz, who believes there's still something wrong with her. Finn tells his dad that Liz found him discussing her with Terry. Finn mentions Liz's parents, and how he's struggling because he has to stand by and watch her fall apart.

Liz remembers something Scotty said about her father and has a memory of a younger version of herself telling someone to stay away from him. It upsets her enough that she cuts her hand. 

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