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The Young and the Restless Recap: Devon Tells Lily to Stay in Her Lane

The Young and the Restless Recap For August 17, 2022
Devon Hamilton, The Young and the Restless

Bryton James

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Smiling Diane Jenkins: Jack is at Jabot rescheduling a meeting when Diane knocks on his door. Jack says his dinner meeting cancelled and he had been craving food from Society all day long. Diane suggests they break bread together and review her first few days at Marchetti. He hesitates for a minute, but quickly capitulates. Diane looks very pleased.

Jack and Diane get to Society and begin to discuss Marchetti. Jack thinks she should trust her instincts, calling her smart and resourceful. Diane is feeling a little inexperienced next to Mariah. Jack thinks Kyle has an eye for talent and wouldn’t have hired her if he didn’t believe in her.

Diane is grateful for his support, both at Marchetti and with rebooting her relationship with Kyle. She goes on to say she was nervous about working with Phyllis, but has decided to take the high road - even if Phyllis can’t. Diane says Jack shouldn’t repeat her words, but she sympathizes with her a bit because of the way she returned to town. Diane believes Phyllis must feel displaced - Jack agrees, but doesn’t want her to rub it in Phyllis’ face. She promises she won't, but hopes Phyllis will relax. It is possible for them to co-exist.

Plotting at the Ranch: Phyllis is at the ranch to chat with Nikki about her first day at Marchetti. She confirms that no one knows about her plan to sabotage Diane. Nikki wants an update, but Phyllis reminds her it was her first day. Nikki informs her that she has been working on the plan as well. She’s having a meeting with an LA-based investigative reporter who sought her out for a juicy story. Phyllis wants to go with her - Nikki looks less than thrilled with the suggestion.

Love and Lies: Kyle and Summer are hanging out at the GCAC rooftop pool trying their hardest not to discuss their mothers. Kyle surprises Summer with Italian drinks and they begin to reminisce about their time abroad. Summer is distracted when she sees Phyllis and Nikki at a table together. She thinks something is up. Kyle wants them to concentrate on basking in their love.

Talia arrives to discuss the possibility of a juicy article. She was originally interested on Ashland Locke, but Nikki turned her towards the resurrection of Diane Jenkins. Talia wants to interview Jack and then dig into Diane’s time in LA. Phyllis jumps and says it isn’t likely that Diane randomly stumbled onto Jack’s granddaughter, then brings up the cryptic texts that led Jack to LA. Nikki stops Phyllis and the two of them begin to bicker about how the investigative journalist should do her job - as Talia sits and listens (it be a kick if the article she writes is about their collusion to bring Diane down…). Talia thanks them for their time and exits.

Family Intervention: Nate and Lily meet up at Crimson Lights. She wants to talk to him about his issues with Devon. Lily wants to hear from Nate why he thinks there’s a problem with Devon. Nate wants to know if he’s talking to the CEO of Chancellor-Winters or his cousin. She wants him to speak as frankly as possible.

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Nate thinks Devon has been autonomous for so long that he’s forgotten how to collaborate. He thinks Devon’s ego gets in the way of entertaining any ideas other than his own. Lily wants examples. He goes on to explain how he wants to think more globally about their music division, but Devon is very scaled down. Devon keeps telling him nothing is personal, but Nate is skeptical.

Lily thanks him for being so candid and sharing his ideas. How does he see moving forward with Devon? Nate apologizes for his part in the tension. With how open Lily has been with him, he now wonders what he can do differently with Devon. Lily asks Nate to let her figure out how to move forward with Devon.

Elena arrives at Crimson Lights and is greeted by Nate. He reviews his meeting with Lily and says he thinks things are headed in the right direction. Lily validated him, but didn’t cater to him. Elena looks less than enthused.

Stay In Your Lane: Lily returns to Chancellor-Winters to meet with Devon. She begins to offer up Nate’s suggestions to test the waters. Devon is skeptical, but then relents saying her ideas are exciting. Once she confirms his support, she springs it on him that these were actually the ideas Nate already pitched to him. Devon immediately thinks Nate put her up to her actions and she is being underhanded. Lily thinks Devon needs to recognize that he may have some bias where Nate is concerned. Devon thinks Lily needs to stay in her lane and leaves.

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-Summer can’t help herself any longer, and goes over to sit with Nikki and Phyllis. Summer wants to know why they are together and who was sitting with them. Nikki makes her exit as she says Talia was an investigative reporter writing about Ashland. After Nikki leaves, Summer lets Phyllis know she’s not buying what they’re selling.

-Jack wonders why they are talking this much about Phyllis and Diane finishes up by saying she wants her to find a way to move forward. Jack is pleasantly surprised at Diane’s perspective. She switches topics by being flirty and asking what they will be ordering for dessert.

-Nate tells Elena he’s excited to spend more time with her and feels so much better now that thinks are looking up at work. Elena rains on his parade by telling him to calm his expectations where Devon is concerned. Elena gets called away to the hospital, tells him not to wait up, and exits. Just then, Devon enters, grabs a seat, and asks what he’s trying to pull with Lily. 

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