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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Daddy Deacon is Stunned to Realize He Hit The Sheets With Sheila

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for August 18, 2022
Deacon Sharpe, The Bold and the Beautiful

Sean Kanan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Daddy’s Back: Deacon rubs the sleep out of his eyes and awakens to the mysterious redhead he bedded last night. He looks at her, strokes her arm, and says, “daddy’s back.” (The writing for Deacon is just GOLD). Apparently, the redhead's name is Debra. Deacon is thrilled with how ravenous her sexual appetite for him was. (Oh Deacon…)

Suddenly, Deacon asks if she will ever tell him her name (he literally just called her Debra - I had closed captioning on). He says he thinks she is hot and kinky for not telling her name. Debra whispers, “you have no idea, darling.” Deacon declares that he’s hungry, but not for food, before hopping back into bed. He kisses down “Debra’s” legs and rubs her feet. Just then, he notices she’s missing a toe!

Logan Family: Hope and Brooke are at the cabin discussing Thomas’ declaration that Douglas will now live with him. Hope thinks it’s good for Douglas to be with Thomas, but not to suddenly change his living situation. She wonders if Brooke has discussed the situation with Ridge. Brooke explains she stood up for Douglas remaining with Hope. Hope is worried this situation will cause yet another rift between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke assures her everything will be okay, and she will always stand up for her daughter. Hope doesn’t understand this whole “show Douglas what it means to be a Forrester” thing. What the hell is that about? Brooke promises to control the situation from all angles, especially now that Taylor is circling to strike again. Hope is intrigued and Brooke explains about the Monaco kiss.

Marone Family: Taylor and Steffy are at the beach house discussing how great it is to live outside the presence of security guards. Taylor is glad Finn has gone back to work (anyone else noticed how absent he’s been since their return?). Just then, Ridge enters the premises. Steffy immediately asks if he spoke with Brooke about Douglas. He tells her that Brooke wants Douglas to remain with Hope. Steffy had no doubt (and acts as if Brooke has stolen a Forrester family toy).

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Ridge says he told Brooke about the Monaco kiss. Steffy says Brooke has no right to be upset (take a stadium of seats, Steffy). She adds that Ridge has forgiven things with Deacon, Bill, and Thorne…but conveniently forgot to mention Ridge’s dalliances with Quinn and Shauna.

Taylor shifts directions and makes sure that he supported Thomas’ desire to live with Douglas in Eric’s house. Ridge says he did, but says Brooke is concerned about Douglas’ stability and Hope’s family. Steffy scoffs forgetting that the Logans, Forresters, and Marones are not separate entities. She’s frustrated how much time Ridge is wasting on Brooke - especially now that she knows how fleeting life is (this dialogue is going to get tiresome quickly). She finally decides to stop talking, check on Hayes, and leave her parents alone.

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-Hope tells Brooke that when Li told them Finn was alive, they were so happy and took a picture, but did not kiss Taylor (I love sarcastic Hope). Did Ridge just forget he was married again? Brooke can’t forget she’s also made mistakes. Hope wants to know how her mother really feels.

-Taylor wonders what’s going on with Ridge. He moved back with Brooke to give their relationship another chance, but he seems happier when he’s at the beach house. Ridge acknowledges she’s not wrong. Taylor reminisces about their romantic history, but says it feels like their history has been erased and there has only been Brooke. She feels like they have been closer since her return. Taylor only wants him to be happy and asks Ridge if he really wants to be living in the house with Brooke and Hope and Liam. Is that where he wants to be???

-Deacon is fingering Debra’s missing toe and asks what happened. He suddenly remembers everything he heard about Sheila’s death and her missing toe. Just then, Debra rips a mask off her face, shakes out her hair, and Sheila says, “mama’s back!”

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