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Perkie's Observations: Dante is Willing to Reset His Relationship With Sam on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 19, 2022
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Dante Falconeri, General Hospital

Dominic Zampronga

On today’s General Hospital recap: Britt questions Cody's interest in Faison, but he denies it. Britt says their fathers knew each other and wonders why Cody didn't tell her from the start. Cody claims he only discovered the truth about his paternity a few months ago, but Britt insists he knows more than he's letting on. Cody denies again, then asks if Faison ever mentioned Leopold Taub. He says he's curious what they were up to, but Britt doesn't want to dig into the family skeletons. Cody asks Britt to join him for the Quartermaine family picnic and she accepts.

The Davis coven enjoy some catch-up time together. Kristina tells them about becoming manager of Charlie's and how she was nice to Nina. Molly complains about being taken off of Trina's case. She's thinking of becoming a criminal attorney and following in Alexis' footsteps. Sam mentions Dante asking her to move in together, but says Lulu's presence is there and it's awkward for her. Alexis says Dante brings a peacefulness to her.

Finn tells his father he told Liz that he loves her, but she refuses to talk about anything. He believes her issues stem from her family.

Gregory and Violet head to Kelly's where they run into the Davis coven. Gregory doesn't want to pester them, but Alexis insists they join in. The two continue their passive-aggressive flirting.

Spinelli tells Maxie his infatuation with Britt is over and she thinks he has feelings for someone else. He describes his dream girl, which is clearly Maxie, but she doesn't pick up on his signals. Austin arrives and says he's back for good.

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Austin's "cousin" Mason interrupts to issue a veiled threat that Austin should have stayed home longer this last time. Austin says Port Charles is now his home and Maxie invites Mason to the Quartermaine annual picnic. Alone, Austin tells Mason to back off, but he refuses.

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Olivia tells Dante about a play that Leo will be in. Dante is surprised to hear Cody is helping Leo rehearse. Olivia mentions holding two seats for him and Sam, and quickly realizes something is off. Dante thinks he messed things up with Sam when he asked her to move in. Dante admits he has to deal with the Lulu issue, but Olivia reminds him that Lulu had moved on before the explosion. Dante feels badly he wasn't able to save Lulu, but Olivia says they have to live in the present. He says he doesn't want to mess things up further, but doesn't know how to fix it. Sam shows up and Dante invites her to the picnic and tells her they can slow things down if that's what she needs.

TJ finds Liz a cut hand. Liz says she has no memory of how the vial broke. TJ bandages her hand, and tells her to get an x-ray to make sure there are no more shards. Liz is lured by the sight of the stairs and sees herself falling down them. (I actually gasped because for that split second, I thought she was actually falling face first down the stairs. Good fake out there.)

When Finn arrives, Liz tells him about the vial shattering in her hand, which surprises him. Liz once again brings up the issue of him talking to Terry and how he doesn't trust her. Finn wants to fix things between them. Liz admits she was angry and crushed the vial without realizing it. Finn pushes and asks if it has to do with something from her past. Liz tells him to leave the psychology to Kevin.

Finn places a call to a Dr. Webber to set up an appointment to discuss Liz. 

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