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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava Manipulates EJ and Grows Closer to Johnny

Days of Our Lives Recap for August 19, 2022
Ava Vitali, Days of Our Lives

Tamara Braun

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Familial Advice: Marlena is working in her office when Brady arrives for a visit. Just then, Rachel runs into the room to hug on her step grandma. Brady asks Rachel to listen to some music whilst he chats with Marlena. Brady wants to discuss whether or not he should give Kristen a chance to reconnect with Rachel. Brady says that Kristen is different with Rachel - more consistent. He says Kristen has been hinting at wanting to revisit the custody agreement. Brady thinks if he plays nice, then he can control the situation.

Corporate Torture: Chloe is presenting Kristen with a report at Basic Black. Kristen is basically torturing Chloe by telling her to redo the report she spent weeks putting together. Kristen thinks Chloe is unqualified for her job and wants her gone. Chloe is furious and Kristen encourages her to quit if she doesn’t like her management style. Things go up a violent notch as Kristen grabs a letter opener. Before Kristen can attack Chloe, Brady calls saying he’s with Rachel at Marlena’s office.

Mad Scientist Manipulation: Gabi sits in the park and calls Li. She wants him to join her in the park, but he has a meeting. Just then, a knock on the door reveals Dr. Rolf has arrived. Li is furious that Dr. Rolf has shown himself in public.

Dr. Rolf is furious because he thinks Li TRIED TO KILL STEFANO’S SON! He’s pissed that Li tried to end Stefan’s not yet resurrected life. Li thinks Dr. Rolf only thinks of Stefan as a science project and not as Stefano’s son.

Dr. Rolf is also worried about being forced to dodge Kristen. Li ignores Dr. Rolf and tells him he wants Stefan to immediately be attracted to Chloe Lane when he awakens. Dr. Rolf thinks this manipulation is about Gabi, but Li says it’s really about Chloe interfering with Kristen at Basic Black. Dr. Rolf isn’t sure he can do what he’s being asked, but Li has the utmost confidence in him. He demands that he go back to the lab and start working on Stefan.

Sympathy For The Devil: Gabi hangs up with Li when a shirtless and sweaty Johnny runs by. He backtracks because he wants to apologize to her for the things he did when he was possessed by the Devil.

Gabi wonders if he’s talking about how they almost had sex on the desk at DiMera. Johnny is annoyed he can’t remember it. He’s also worried she broke up with Jake because of what he did. Gabi assures him he did her a bit of a favor because the situation made her realize she wanted Jake to be Stefan - which didn’t bode well for them in the long term. Johnny gets confirmation that they are okay and wishes her the best.

EJ vs. Ava: EJ confronts Ava about her helping Gwen get out of prison the night of Abigail’s murder. Ava doubles down and basically dares him to call the police - if he truly knows what he thinks he knows. She reminds him anything he may have overheard is hearsay.

EJ wants to trade his silence for Jake’s DiMera shares. In addition, Ava can remain living in the mansion…she’s not impressed. She reminds him that Rafe hates him more than her. EJ agrees not to involve the police unless, it turns out, that Leo has an airtight alibi for the night of Abigail’s murder. Also, Jake would be rolling over in his grave if he knew she was ever considering giving EJ those shares. Just as Ava tells EJ to go “straight to hell,” Johnny arrives wondering what’s up.

EJ tells Johnny there is nothing to see here. He and Ava were just having a disagreement about DiMera and the shares she inherited from Jake. Johnny thinks nothing EJ has done was about trying to take care of Jake’s widow. It was all about the shares. EJ doesn’t think Ava had anything to do with Jake’s demise, but he also doesn’t think she’s quite as grief stricken as everyone thinks.

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Frenemies: Chloe rushes over to Gabi’s office and finds she has returned from her lunch in the park. She says Kristen just tried to murder her with a letter opener. Gabi wonders why she didn’t call the police. Chloe says she is stressed out by Kristen’s presence. Gabi echoes Kristen and suggests she resign.

Chloe isn’t down for that journey and just wants Gabi to help her out. Gabi sympathizes, but reminds Chloe she has no power over Kristen. They move on to talking about Stefan (a person I had forgotten they had in common).

Gabi reminds Chloe she once blamed Stefan for her unfortunate incarceration, but she came to understand that he was the only man she truly ever loved (poor Jake). Gabi starts to cry and Chloe apologizes for weaponizing Stefan. Chloe says she was better off when her relationship with Stefan ended because she is happy with Brady, and, besides, Vivian would have been her mother in law.

Gabi and Chloe return to the topic of work, and discuss Chloe’s report. Chloe explains she’s basically dealing with Goldi-Kristen because the first report was too short and this one was too long…Gabi agrees to help, but reminds her that Kristen will continue to torture her. Chloe is ready for the fight.

A Locket in Rachel’s Pocket: Kristen arrives at Marlena’s office and is utterly thrilled to see Rachel. She brings Rachel a locket with a picture of the both of them - with Brady - as a family. Brady interrupts and sends Marlena off with Rachel to have a snack while he talks to Kristen. (Did anyone else notice that Kristen and Marlena never as much as looked at each other?)

Brady is annoyed Kristen gave Rachel the locket. He thinks the picture in the locket will make her think they will be a family again. He channels Taylor Swift and says that they are never ever getting back together. Brady thinks Kristen is using Rachel. Kristen is done with Brady’s foolishness. Brady goes to leave and says she gets to see Rachel again when she is done playing games.

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-Johnny goes up to check on Ava, who is sitting on the bed where Abigail took her last breath. Ava explains EJ was pressuring her for Jake’s shares of DiMera. Johnny explains that EJ currently has a one track mind because he has lost everything and everyone else. She thinks he is sweet to care, but she’s a mob princess. EJ doesn’t scare her. He also doesn’t scare easily and sits down beside her. She explains what her life has been like over the past years with all the loss and instability, culminating in Jake’s death. Johnny offers up his, um, ear, if she ever needs to talk and then hugs her…as EJ watches from the door. Johnny says he needs to hit the showers and exits.

-Brady very quickly snatches up Rachel and brings her back to DiMera to hang out with Chloe. Rachel shows her the locket and says she wants to be a family again with daddy and mommy.

-Marlena informs Kristen that Brady took Rachel to see Chloe. Kristen thinks she is being cruel. Marlena thinks she’s trying to be real with her.

-Li heads out the door after he and Dr. Rolf finish their business. When he opens the door, Gabi is standing in front of him and doesn’t understand what the hell is going on. 

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