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Perkie's Observations: Britt Advises Willow to Make a Quick Decision About Her Treatment on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 22, 2022
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Dr. Britt Westbourne, General Hospital

Kelly Thiebaud

On today’s General Hospital recap: The Quartermaines prepare for the hospital fundraiser picnic. Dex stops by with a raffle prize from Sonny, an espresso machine and a year's supply of coffee. Dex tells Michael that Sonny is digging into his past and Michael says he chose Dex because of his past, since it will put him in Sonny's good graces.

Olivia tells Brook Lynn about Sam and Dante's issues, and the two discuss some Sicilian voodoo concoction to get them closer. The two explain to Leo all about the ingredients and Leo later collects them.

Sonny wants Nina to be his date at the Quartermaine picnic. He explains it's for the hospital. Sonny says she has every right to be there and won't let anyone disrespect her. Nina is not interested and says everyone will do everything to keep Wiley from her, which will hurt.

Dex wants to apologize to Sonny, but he's not interested and warns Dex not to keep anything from him again. Dex promises not to let Sonny down.

Ava questions Spencer's angle, but he says he was on Trina's side the whole time. She accuses Spencer of hurting Trina and the two argue. Spencer wants honesty from Ava, who is about to tell him about Nikolas' tryst with Esme, but Nikolas arrives and stops her. Ava backs off and just tells Spencer to be careful while in prison

After Spencer leaves, Ava questions whether Nikolas plans to continue to threaten her. Nikolas says if Esme's body is found, Ava will have motive because of the tryst. They have to put on a show so others will think they're together and happy. Nikolas tells Ava to move back into Wyndemere today. Ava says she'll move back in so long as Nikolas leaves her alone while she's there. Nikolas wants them to go to the Quartermaine picnic to keep up appearances.

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Willow tells TJ she hasn't told Michael about her diagnosis yet. TJ tells her she needs all the support she can get. Willow meets with Britt, who wants to start chemotherapy as soon as possible. Willow worries about harming or losing the baby if she starts treatment now. Britt confirms that's a possibility.

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Willow thinks chemo should wait until she's further along, but Britt says delaying could be risky. Britt explains if the cancer has time to spread, Willow could lose her life. Willow declares she's already lost one child and won't lose another one. Britt says cancer is trying to kill her and they need to stop it. Willow is willing to risk waiting until the second trimester it if protects her child.

Willow says Britt, as someone who doesn't have children and doesn't seem to want any, can't understand. She wants to give the baby the best chance. Britt says if Willow waits, there would be no guarantee she won't lose the baby anyway. Britt strongly recommends Willow not delay treatment, but she says she needs time. Britt tells her she doesn't have much of that.

Portia and Curtis enjoy some celebratory time at the pool. Curtis wants to discuss their future, but is interrupted when Marshall shows up. Portia tells him there will be a party to celebrate Trina's verdict.

Marshall brings up his diagnosis and his concerns going forward, but both Curtis and Portia reassure him they'll be there for him should something become an issue. Marshall asks if Curtis has thought about genetic counseling but Portia says Curtis is past the usual age of onset. Marshall wonders if the two of them are thinking of having kids. After Marshall leaves, Portia asks if Curtis wants kids, but he says he wants other things first. Curtis pulls out an engagement ring.

Jordan stops by the hospital and TJ is concerned since Marshall is supposed to have an appointment. Jordan understands Marshall may not be happy with her because of the way Tommy died. TJ points out the two of them have never met each other since Marshall came to town. Jordan admits she kept her distance and thinks she shouldn't continue to avoid Marshall.

When Marshall arrives, TJ introduces them. Marshall accuses Jordan of not doing right by Tommy, but admits he didn't either. Marshall believes he might have been responsible for Tommy's death.

Spencer meets with Britt to apologize and tells her the truth. Britt accepts and asks about Trina, but Spencer says she doesn't know the truth and never will. Spencer feels Trina deserves to be happy

Willow heads to the mansion to talk to Michael.

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