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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen and Leo Account For Their Movements The Night of Abigail’s Murder

Days of Our Lives Recap For August 22, 2022
Gwen Rizczech, Days of Our Lives

Emily O'Brien

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Gwen’s Story: Gwen is pacing and cursing Leo’s name when Rafe arrives in the interrogation room. He tells her it was quite a mistake to trust Leo and shows her the mask. She can’t believe Rafe would believe a single word Leo says (and the references saving his own perfect bubble ass - which made me giggle).

Rafe reminds Gwen that Leo produced the mask and she wasn’t there for bed check at Statesville. She outright says she didn’t kill Abigail and now it’s her job to prove it to Rafe. She finally decides to tell him the truth.

Rafe produces a recorder and Gwen makes her official statement without an attorney present (why does everyone do that?). Gwen admits she left the prison temporarily and grabbed the mask.

Earlier that day, she and Abigail had a tense confrontation about Jack. When Gwen got to the DiMera mansion, she put on the mask and entered. She put on the mask because she knew Sarah was unstable. She entered Abigail’s bedroom with a syringe. wanting to take revenge on Kristen. (For those of you keeping score, Sarah was hallucinating that all sorts of people were Kristen.)

Abigail fought back and the mask came off...revealing Gwen. Before Abigail could call the police, Gwen explained she was trying to set Sarah up, but admits the syringe was filled with saline. Gwen begged Abigail not to call the police. Abigail gave Gwen a one hour buffer before she would call Statesville. Abigail threw the mask at Gwen, then left.

Leo’s Story: Leo waits in a holding cell when Sloan arrives. She tells him Gwen has been arrested. Sloan asks Leo to take her through the events of the day. He explains he was living in the DiMera tunnels and had a conversation with Gwen, then Thomas saw him.

Leo realized he had to vacate the tunnels, so he helped himself to some food and champagne. Before he left for good, he went upstairs to Abigail’s bedroom, with a knife. He was thinking about stealing, but not murder. Once he got upstairs, he heard Abigail and Chad laughing and ran into the bathroom. (Ew! Leo was in the bathroom when Chad and Abigail did their business!) 

Chad took the kids to the movies while Abigail stayed behind to write. At some point, she got up and left the bedroom. Before he could leave, her jewelry box caught his eye. He used the knife to break the lock. Then, he put the jewelry in his bag, but left the knife on the bureau.

Hell Hath No Fury: Li leaves Dr. Rolf, who proceeds with his work when Gabi arrives - and she is furious that Li is talking to Dr. Rolf. Li says he came by to ask for a job. Dr. Rolf’s phone rings and it’s Kristen.

After he sends the call to voicemail, Gabi rails at him for being a worthless hack for not being able to save Stefan. She’s still pissed because Dr. Rolf told her Jake was Stefan and almost implicated her in a crime.

Dr. Rolf says she would get down on her knees and thank him if she knew what he’d accomplished. Li jumps in and says he’s going to throw the good doctor out. He takes him outside and sends him on his way. Li returns and Gabi is still distraught she was made to remember Stefan. Li thinks he has a way to help her de-stress.

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Attempted Bonding: Kristen leaves a voicemail for Dr. Rolf. She's desperate to know if he made Stefan fall in love with Gabi...just as Chad arrives. Chad wonders why she’s in Marlena’s office and what she’s up to. Kristen explains about her visit with Rachel, and asks about Thomas and Charlotte. Chad wonders who Kristen was speaking with and what it had to do with Chloe. She explains she’s overseeing Basic Black, where she is forced to endure Chloe’s incompetence.

Kristen shifts the conversation. She asks about the injury to Chad's hand and why he came to see Marlena. Chad doesn’t think Kristen cares, but she reminds him they are family. Kristen thinks Chad is the best of them. He knows enough to ask for help. She never asked for help and now has supervised visitation with her daughter (I like these two together). He doesn’t respond to her, but sheds a tear as she leaves the room.

Alice Horton’s Living Room: Jack and Jennifer are in Alice Horton’s living room discussing Xander’s revaluation that Gwen killed Abigail. Jack and Jennifer are distraught.

Jack is singing the very familiar song of how he is to blame for everything (which historically has triggered him to run away). Jennifer needs him to get through this so they can maintain some semblance of sanity.

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-Rafe says Gwen’s confession isn’t enough to get her off the hook for murder. He doesn’t understand why she would go to the DiMera mansion of all places. Gwen says she just wanted to scare Abigail, not kill her. Rafe wonders if Lucas saw her drop on the way out of the house - the syringe.

-Sloan says she believes Leo, but reminds him how stupid it would be tell the police he was in Abigail’s room with the murder weapon. He needs to keep his mouth shut.

-Sloan walks into the interrogation room. She says Rafe has Gwen in custody, so he needs to let Leo go. Rafe reminds her Melinda has more than enough information to convict Leo of multiple crimes - murder may just be the cherry on the cake. 

-In the holding cells, Leo is pacing when Gwen is being taken to her cell. They both scream at each other about how they both tried to implicate the other.

-Chad comes to Alice Horton’s living room to see Jennifer and Jack. They explain to him that Gwen killed Abigail (the merry-go-round of suspects must give Chad whiplash). He unemotionally says he’s going to cook the kids dinner.

-In their afterglow, Li asks if Gabi wants room service. She was too busy thinking about Dr. Rolf’s words about the achievement that would bring her to her knees.

-Dr. Rolf returns to Stefan’s room and finds Kristen. He explains his issues with Gabi and Li. Kristen is more concerned with shifting Stefan’s affections to Chloe Dr. Rolf says it will thrill him to wipe out Stefan’s love for that impudent she-wolf, and is sure he can give him laser focus on Chloe (which could kill him, but whatever…). Kristen leaves Dr. Rolf to do his work. He turns on his computer, sees something he likes, and turns around…just as Stefan opens his eyes and grabs his arm!

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