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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke And Taylor Go...To...War!

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for August 23, 2022
Brooke Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Can Deacon Refuse This Offer? Sheila tells Deacon she can leave, but he should think carefully. She says she has access to a lot of money, but she’s can leave him on his own if he wishes. Deacon stops her from speaking any more words…he has a good relationship with Hope and doesn’t want Sheila to ruin that. He wants her to leave.

Sheila counters he has a lot to say when he’s living in a storage closet. He used to be successful. He had a club and a design company (good reminder) - she could change that for him. Sheila could set him up with everything he could possibly desire. She almost begs him not to make her leave. He wonders why here and why me. Then, she kisses him and says last night answered that question. Sheila asks Deacon not to make a definitive decision right now… but if he does, they can both go to prison together.

A Snarky Mess: Brooke and Taylor are still talking about that Monaco kiss all up in Steffy’s beach house. Brooke is confident in her marriage and says they will recommit sometime soon.

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Taylor thinks she must be confident in order to attack Thomas. Brooke says she isn’t attacking him, but wants to guarantee that Douglas remains with Hope. Taylor tries to shut Brooke down by saying she has no say in any of this issue. She goes on to say the decision for Hope to adopt Douglas and live with her and Liam was encouraged by Hope. (Which is not exactly how I remember it…).

Brooke thinks Taylor is too biased to see things clearly. She wonders how, as a psychiatrist, Taylor can support Douglas being yanked out of his home - Brooke won’t allow it. They go back and forth about where Douglas should live when we ALL know the issue is really about where Ridge should live. Taylor understands that Hope is threatened. Taylor is trying to defend her core family with Ridge, much like Brooke has a core family with Ridge…and Eric…and Deacon (a snarky Taylor is a superior Taylor).

Side Note: This version of Taylor vs. Brooke is everything I didn’t know I needed!

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The Custody Battle: Hope wants to make sure she and Thomas have the same expectations about Douglas. Thomas says he just wants to take him to Eric’s for one night. The rest can wait until later. Hope wants to make sure he knows she is supportive of his relationship with his son, but not so much that she wants Douglas to live with him.

Just then, the little one arrives and hugs Thomas. He wants to play catch, but first wants to ask Douglas if he wants to spend the night with him at great grandpa Eric’s. Douglas looks at mama Hope and she gives in. Thomas promises Hope everything is going to work out. 

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