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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Warns Portia Not to Keep Secrets From Curtis on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 24, 2022
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General Hospital

Tanisha Harper

On today’s General Hospital recap: Jordan overhears Portia tell the genetic counselor the appointment is for the paternal line of the family. Jordan recalls talking to Portia about Trina's paternity, at the time thinking it was about Taggert.

Anna runs into Curtis, who tells her about his engagement, and Anna congratulates the two. Portia worries about Anna's feelings since she and Jordan are friends, but Anna reassures her that everyone has moved on.

Jordan interrupts to let Portia know that Curtis believes in transparency and she couldn't give him that. Portia assures her that she and Curtis are always honest with each other.

Anna questions Jordan on what she said to Portia. Jordan asks whether Anna would say something if she knew something about her ex's relationship. Anna questions Jordan's reasons for revealing the information she knows.

Trina tells Rory she wants to get to know him better, but he's worried she won't like what she finds. Rory admits he's into cooking and doodling graphic novels, which Trina is thrilled to hear.

Portia thanks Spencer for his sacrifice, but says Trina has moved on from him. She says Trina is happy now and wishes the same for him. Trina and Rory join Portia, and Trina's excited to find out about the engagement. Spencer tells Trina he has to report to Pentonville in three days. He's sorry he didn't come forward for Trina sooner.

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Selina summons Curtis to ask if her tip on where to find Oz paid off. She wonders how grateful Curtis is for that information. Selina says she'll be receiving a shipment through the Savoy and tells him not to obstruct the arrival. Curtis is not happy, but Selina points out that Trina may not be free if not for her information, and warns him that she's a better ally than enemy.

Olivia reassures Leo that his potion won't cause anyone any problems. Ned can't believe Olivia believes in the Sicilian love potion.

Chase tells Brook Lynn he's been falling for her. Brook Lynn agrees with him and the two kiss. Leo finds them and says they're kissing because of him and tells them about the love potion. Brook Lynn worries they kissed only because of the potion, despite Chase's claims he's had feelings for her for a long time. Brook Lynn worries what they are feeling isn't real, but Chase believes it is. The two agree to go all in and kiss again.

Sam realizes she hurt Dante when she didn't agree to move in right away and apologizes. Dante admits he pushed too hard too soon and wants to wait until she's ready. Sam worries she can't measure up to his memories of Lulu, but Dante reassures her. Then, Sam agrees to move in with him. Dante says he wants to move in with her and the two kiss.

Carly asks Drew what's going on between them since others have mentioned he's crushing on her. Drew admits he's been flirting with her, like she has with him. Carly admits she hasn't pushed because he's Sam's ex and Jason's brother. Drew says he's been holding back because of her divorce. He says this is an attraction that can no longer be ignored and the two kiss.

Leo tells Ned and Olivia he saw Brook Lynn and Chase kissing because they drank the love potion.

Portia meets with Dr. Samuels, the genetic counselor, and asks if she can provide Trina's sample. Dr. Samuels says she can't deal with anyone other than Trina as the consenting patient. 

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