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Perkie’s Observations: Sonny and Olivia Try to Make Amends on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 23, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today’s General Hospital recap: Willow is ready to talk to Michael, but he spots Sonny on the patio and confronts him. Sonny says he was invited to the picnic as a major donor and mentions Nina isn't with him. Michael slams the door on him, which does not amuse Sonny. Willow interrupts and tells them to put their personal issues aside.

Willow tells Terry she's going to postpone treatment for a few weeks until she's in her second trimester. Willow says she hasn't told anyone and will wait until she starts treatment, but Terry doesn't agree with her. Willow says she wants things to be peaceful during the few weeks before she starts.

Olivia chastises Nikolas and Ava for bickering at the picnic, and they apologize for bringing their argument with them. Ava hides out in the house, where she runs into Sonny and thanks him for helping with Trina. Sonny says it's too bad Esme left town since she didn't get the punishment she deserved.

Sonny mentions Esme's posting on social media from France and wants more details, just as Nikolas arrives to shut it down. Sonny warns Nikolas to back off, but he counters with his own warning to stay away from Ava. Ava drags Nikolas away to chastise him about provoking Sonny. Nikolas claims he will always come to her rescue no matter what.

Carly and Drew defeat Brook Lynn and Chase in the three legged race. Brook Lynn congratulates Carly, then asks if she and Drew are a thing. Carly denies it, but Brook Lynn tells her to go for it. Carly turns it back on her by asking about Chase believing that Brook Lynn wants something with him.

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Dante and Sam have an awkward moment before she heads out, causing Leo to put together the Sicilian concoction. Leo briefly puts down the glasses of spiked juice and everyone takes them.

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Sonny runs into Olivia, and when she's less than nice, he reminds her they've known each other long before Carly. He asks if Olivia can be happy for him. Olivia says she wishes he'd have ended up with anyone but Nina, but Sonny says that's how life turns out.

Marshall feels Tommy would still be alive and explains to Jordan about his schizophrenia. He believes Tommy was having an episode when he was killed. Marshall asks if Jordan saw any signs during her marriage, but she doesn't think so. Jordan blames herself since Tommy's reaction to her infidelity is what set him off. Marshall says he forgives her.

TJ arrives in time to make a video of Curtis' proposal to Portia. She declares her love for him and accepts. TJ offers his congratulations.

Jordan joins TJ. He tells her about Curtis' proposal and she heads over to congratulate them. Portia leaves them alone and Curtis thanks Jordan for everything she did for Trina.

Portia gets a call about an appointment for genetic counseling and Jordan overhears. Portia mentions that it's for her daughter.

Leo tells Olivia he made the concoction and all the cups are gone. He has no idea who has the two cups he spiked.

(Oy vey, how can this picnic be a fundraiser when there are only about 12 people there, half of whom are Quartermaines and Q-adjacents. Where are all the extras? Also the three legged race was only 7 feet long. All they had to do was take two giant steps and they win. At one point Drew was manning the grill, which literally had nothing on it. Way to go all out for this event!)

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