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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Donna Snitches to Brooke About Taylor and Ridge Bonding Over Forrester Festivities

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for August 25, 2022
Donna Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Jennifer Gareis

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Forrester mansion: Eric is thrilled to be surrounded by his family (though an altered version from a month ago). Taylor, with Ridge (????) by her side, reflects on that damn kiss in Monaco. Li joins the festivities and all her shady actions are forgiven because she saved Finn. Eric welcomes her into the family.

Donna returns with a step ladder and parks it at the fireplace. She asks for help with installing a new portrait (she doesn't really help though). Eric balks, but Donna claims the time is right. Donna gives a small speech, despite the discomfort of others around her. She pulls down the cloth to reveal a portrait of (a very handsome) Eric and smiles ensue all around.

Thomas decides to pipe up about how Eric, Ridge, and Douglas have turned him into a better man. He's coming out of the darkness because of them. Ridge gives Thomas a hug.

Finn (looking very Miami Vice) decides it's his turn, and articulates how Steffy and his family helped him to a speedy recovery.

The Back Shack: Brooke and Hope chat about Liam and Deacon over coffee and no kids. Brooke laments she's not at the Forresters as Ridge's WIFE and keeps searching for texts from her HUSBAND that have yet to appear. 

Hope comments she's surprised by Thomas' last minute grab to get Douglas to Eric's and Taylor's aggressiveness to get the lad back (really Hope?) Brooke takes her turn on the cross and blames Taylor for pushing them out because she wants discord in the family.

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Brooke points out that Taylor should know better as a psychiatrist how damaging uprooting a child can be. Hope worries it may interfere in Brooke's marriage, but she reassures her she can handle it. Hope decides to pay Deacon a visit.

Deacon's pad: (Is this Flo's old apartment?) Sheila teases Deacon that she wants to repaint his apartment. She entices him with endless sex and money. The two lock lips, and Sheila tells him to relax and enjoy their new arrangement. Deacon backs away all confused by testosterone and duty. He has to go to Sheila ponders how Finn really feels about her alleged death. Deacon pleads with her to lie low and stay quiet (does Deacon know Sheila?).

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-Donna looks askance at Taylor as she spews positivity about the love in the room. She seems very comfortable with Ridge's arm around her. Ridge promises to be the best man he can be for Thomas and Steffy. More hugs all around!

-Donna makes a hasty call to Brooke about the family happiness that she's surrounded by. She tells Brooke the only thing that's missing is her because Taylor's there instead.

-Ridge gives a very willing Taylor a warm hug while Brooke tells Donna how Taylor is manipulating his familial feelings.

_Remember what Deacon told Sheila? She grabs some cash and is ready to head out when Hope comes a-knockin'. Hope doesn't wait for an answer and is surprised to find a woman (from the back) in her father's apartment. She asks the woman who she is.

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