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Perkie's Observations: Victor Tries to Keep Ava in Line on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 25, 2022
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Victor Cassadine, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

On today’s General Hospital recap: Olivia's shipment of frozen desserts gets lost on the way to the picnic and she calls around town trying to find out its whereabouts. Meanwhile at the hotel, the pastry chef threatens to quit when they receive the shipment of outside desserts that should have gone to the Quartermaine mansion. Liesl tells Nina to redirect the dessert to the picnic herself. Nina refuses to go out of her way for people who didn't bother to invite her in the first place. Liesl however, believes Nina will save the day and everyone will owe her.

Drew and Carly head into the boathouse to make out while the grill goes up in flames. Olivia gets an alert, and she and Sonny head down to put it out, much to Carly and Drew's surprise.

Nina gets to the mansion and runs into Leo. He's less than pleasant before hearing about the fire and Sonny, then runs down to the scene. Nina realizes that Sonny was not in any danger, notices something going on with Crew, and lets Olivia know  that she brought the desserts.

Nina questions Sonny's thoughts on Drew and Carly, but he feels it's not his business. Sonny's just happy that Nina came to the picnic.

Carly and Drew discuss what happened. While Carly thinks Drew's a good kisser, she thinks she needs to take a step back.

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Ava finds Victor helping himself to the Quartermaine's alcohol and complains about Nikolas' tryst, but Victor puts the blame on Esme. Victor says his job is to keep the family intact, but Ava calls him controlling. Victor asks if Ava wants them to be enemies or family, and warns her that secrets tend to come out.

Nikolas finds Spencer. He's upset he couldn't be the hero for Trina and now she's moved on without him. Nikolas promises that once Spencer gets out of Pentonville they'll travel to Greece together, but Spencer doesn't believe it. Spencer complains to Victor about Nikolas, but Victor tells him to think of Nikolas and his worries about Spencer being gone for months.

Terry comes across Finn and Liz, and Liz apologizes for being upset when she found them talking about her. Terry runs into Yuri, who look interested in each other. We get a flashback of both of them drinking the possibly spiked lemonade.

Finn and Liz head to the stable to make out (as one does in a smelly barn). When Finn walks off to find a blanket for some hanky-panky (again, as one does in a smelly barn on someone else' property during a hospital fundraiser), Finn gets a call from Sarah Webber. (Congratulations to everyone who guessed Sarah was the "Dr. Webber" who Finn called and not either of her parents.)

Ava tells Nikolas that Victor threatened her to stay in the marriage or else. Nikolas believes they still work and she still loves him. Nikolas begs and pleads, wanting to move forward and build on what they had.

Nikolas kisses her, but Ava pulls back. She says they're broken and have been since he had sex with Esme. Both notice that Spencer is standing there and overheard everything. (Ooopsie!! Though really, if you're going to say it that loudly in a public event, someone was bound to hear it!)

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